PrecisionPro NX7 Laser RangeFinder Review

PrecisionPro NX7 Laser RangeFinder Review

Thank the golf gods that amateur golfers don't need to carry yardage books, pin placement sheets and have to rely on stakes and colored rocks on the fairway to gauge their distance to the flag. 3 hour rounds would turn to 5 hour rounds and golf just wouldn't be that fun anymore. So for us, having a rangefinder in the bag not only speeds up the game but allows us to know the distance to the flag. In the past, the biggest issue with rangefinders were the cost. It was hard to justify spending $300+ on a device just to get yardages. Although there were cheaper alternatives like GPS devices, I didn't like the general front - middle - back pin placement numbers. So, enter the PrecisionPro NX7 RangeFinder. Compact, accurate, easy to use, shock proof, water resistant and the best part, under $200!

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JP Wedges

My Dream Day with JP Wedges by Titleist Review

My Dream Day with JP




Can you image the feeling of getting a text from one of your favorite friends after a LONG three year absence? For me, it was excitement!  The message was simple; “Call me. It’s something golf related”.  He had me at golf related.  I know you would feel the same way if your friend was none other than James Harrington.  YES; the legend himself, JP.  The man behind JP Wedges.

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ShoeTips Review

How many of you golfers out there have ten different things running through your mind at set up before each shot? I know I have always had a few, but what are the most important ones? How can we remember to concentrate on just the really important ones to play well? I recently received ShoeTips and they could just be what we need to stay focused before each shot.

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TaylorMade M1 & M2 Driver Review

TaylorMade M1 & M2 Driver Review

It seems as though, for me at least, another Club Wars comes and goes and sitting at the top of my "Must Own Driver" list is a submission from TaylorMade. So far, this year is no different. The only surprise to me is that this year has another M driver sitting on top of my list. The M1! Up until the 2017 M1 showed up, my gamer since last season was the M2. It was everything I needed and more. It has now moved on to a new home as the new M1 has now been put in the bag. Read Review: TaylorMade M1 & M2 / Project X HZRDUS T1100