Golfing With Psycho Bunny

With a bunny skull and crossbones logo, the founders describe Psycho Bunny as two elements working as one; rebellion with style, sophisticated mischief so to speak.  Determined never to compromise quality or creativity is what this company stands for. Whether it’s a bold color or a classic style Psycho Bunny is dedicated to use the highest quality materials and construction while still keeping with the whimsy and creativity; mischief, that they know and love.

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Cadi Kiosk: The Future of Club Shopping

While attending the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida; I participated in a Media Event at The Legends at Orange Lake Golf Resort. During this event we met with Founder and CEO Tyler Gottstein along with the rest of the Cadi Kiosk Team. Here they unveiled to us the very first unattended retail kiosk. This patent-pending smart kiosk allows golfers to conveniently demo and purchase golf equipment at competitive prices, right on their range or golf course.

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