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Golf Etiquette Quick Reference Guide

Golf Etiquette Quick Reference Guide

Have you ever been paired with or have a golf buddy who feels the golf course is their personal playground? What they say and do goes and they have no respect for anyone else trying to enjoy themselves? My guess is that we all have had the pleasure of playing golf with "That" person. The bad news is that sometimes you can't teach an old dog new tricks, BUT there is a very handy and easy to read Golf Etiquette Reference Guide that I believe everyone should carry in their bag.

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Bombtech Golf Fairway Wood

Bombtech Golf Fairway Wood Review

So lets get this out of the way first, Bombtech makes high quality, great performing products. They emphasize this point on their website, even to the point of using a high quality paint so the club looks good for an extended point of time. These are not cheapy clones or infomercial clubs. Bombtech enlisted the help of Engineering students from the University of Vermont to create a shape the didn't infringe on any other patents but cut through the air and transferred as large amount of energy to the ball as possible. They result is a club of high quality materials and manufacturing processes just like the " Big Boys".

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