Vega VC-01 Irons Review

Vega VC-01 Irons Review

For the last couple years, I have had the pleasure of seeking out and getting to know the people behind some of the best lesser known clubs being manufactured today. What I have found is that their attention to detail, craftsmanship, history and performance are as good if not better than the large OEM brands. When you put your name on a product you created it better be great. That was the case for my first two indy club builders Scott Golf and Miura and like Miura, my third club builder is based in Japan as well. Vega Golf, the first to produce forged cavity back irons was born in Ichikawa Japan when Samurai sword craftsmen realized they can use their forging skills to produce exquisite golf equipment.

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Mizuno MP25 Irons Review

Mizuno MP25 Irons Review

In today's race to stay relevant and new in the golf club manufacturing realm, OEM's have been in labs testing new materials and elements that would give their line an edge over the rest. While some new concepts have fallen short in the delivery department, some have managed to succeed my expectations and have made the game of golf fun, easy and enjoyable. That's what golf should be for us hackers right? Mizuno, known for their proven Mizuno Players or Pro (MP) line, introduced the element Boron to their easier to hit JPX EZ Forged line last year to rave reviews.

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Club Wars '16

In case you missed it...

Continuing a trend from the past 4 years, TaylorMade once again takes home the GOLD medal for distance.   The TaylorMade M2 Driver yielded the longest average total distance from the lower and higher swing speed categories at an average of 304.5 yards.  The M2 Driver truly stood out amongst our higher swing speed testers with an insane average distance of 317 yards. We saw a tie for the Silver Medal in Total Distance this year.  The Callaway XR16 Pro Driver and the Nike Vapor Fly Pro Driver both had an average total distance of 303.5 yards. Both of these driver excelled for the higher swing speeds especially with the XR16 Pro averaging 314 yards and the Vapor Fly Pro averaging 310 yards.
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SunMountain 2017 Golf Carts

SunMountain: Golf Push Carts Improved for 2017

Since ushering in the golf push cart movement in 1999 with the introduction of the Speed Cart; Sun Mountain has continually refined and improved its carts. New for 2017 are the three-wheeled Speed Cart GT and four-wheeled Micro-Cart GT. Notable updates include a redesigned bag support that more easily accommodates golf stand bags and a new collection of add-on accessories. These new carts will be in golf shops in September with a suggested retail price of $209.99 for Speed Cart GT and $199.99 for Micro-Cart GT. For the nearest Sun Mountain retailer call 800-227-9224 or visit

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