Stabilizing Your ROLL

As with any sport it all comes down to the equipment.  The athlete has to have the ability and the equipment to be as successful as they could possibly be. The new OLD Kids on the block when it comes to shafts is BGT; Breakthrough Golf Technology . With a 100 yes a hundred years of experience at BGT they pride themselves in being able to see just what is missing in today’s golf equipment. Through hard work and innovation BGT is fixing and filling in those missing pieces. With a state of the art facility and precision technology BGT’s goal is to provide the finest golf shafts available.  

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Snell Golf Ball Review - MTB Red & MTB Black

Snell Golf burst onto the golf scene in March, 2015. Owner, Dean Snell, founded his company on an underlying principle to provide “Tour caliber equipment to the amateur golfer at an affordable price”. His introductory performance ball “My Tour Ball” or MTB, offered great feel, spin and distance at a price far lower than the competition, quickly becoming a direct-to-consumer sensation. One of the best factors that has led to Snell’s success, is personal interaction from Mr. Snell. He listened and incorporated feedback from his customers to introduce two new models this year – MTB Black and MTB Red.

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