Sun Mountain Three 5 Golf Bag Review

Sun Mountain Three 5 Golf Bag Review

Year in and year out, golf manufacturers strive to improve already great products. No doubt I agree that to survive the ever changing golf market, you have to re-invent yourself from time to time. For 2015, Sun Mountain has introduced some new ease of use features as well as style changes to their extremely popular three 5 golf bag. A new top which is flared for easier club retrieval, a new score card pocket plus new body styling and colors. I've been using this bag on and off with the H2NO lite bag, which is very similar, for the last 3 months as both a carry bag and as a cart bag. I found many of the changes to be a huge improvement but there is one, only one I just can't get used to.

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Sun Mountain Micro-Cart

 There are many reasons why we choose walking 18 holes on the golf course rather than riding in an electric cart. It can be therapeutic for some, maybe you are looking to drop a couple pounds and get fit or you just want to be one with nature and enjoy the scenery. The next step in the decision to walk is finding the right push cart that best fits your needs. I know there are only a handful of options out there, but when it came to form, function and size (folded and open), there was only one option for me. The Sun Mountain Micro-Cart.

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