PURE Grips DTX Golf Grip Review

PURE Grips DTX Golf Grip Review

I recently wrote a review about a pair of golf shoes and one of the main factors I talked about was the importance of good grip. Our golf swing relies on solid grip on our feet to ensure that we stay balanced and planted to the ground. It made me think that if shoes were so important for our feet then grips have to be just as important for our hands. Up until now I have used only the stock grips put on by the OEMs. Some have lasted longer than others and some, if not most, have not performed up to par through the various weather conditions. Not to mention that my hands sweat pretty good during the summer months so having a good grip on the club is crucial for me to ensure a solid connection to my club. After looking to see what was out there, I decided to think outside the box and found PURE grips.

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Champ C1 Putter Grip Review

Many of you already know Champ for their superior spikes and tees. They are now offer a new putter grip, the C1.

The Champ C1 comes in small, medium, large and belly/long options you can cater to whatever style of putter you use and grip size. The C1 is a flat front design made from a super soft, lightweight polyurethane material.

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Cork Tree Putter Grip Review

Cork Tree Putter Grip Review

Golf has always been an industry where products are continuously being re-invented to better the game, make the game more fun and make it easier to play. Different manufacturing techniques and materials are always being tested and refined to ensure the new technology is proven and welcome in the game of golf. Some of these materials are created in labs by mixing various elements together while other materials may be found in your own backyard. Luckily for the founders of Cork Tree Putter Grips, their backyard happens to be a 500 acre family owned cork plantation so the art of creating quality cork leather products didn't fall far from the cork tree.

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Secret Grip's Putter Grips Review

If you know anything about Boccieri, you may know them for their Heavy Putter. In order to achieve the back/grip weighting like that you would have to buy one of their putters. However, Boccieri has come out with the new Secret Grip for your putter. The grip is considered oversize but does not feel oversized. The grip weighs in at 155g and has a 17g Tungsten back weight. The grip has a smooth medium feel compound texture to it with the back having a slight pattern to it. Boccieri offers 2 color options, green/black and gray/black options.

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