GolfBuddy VT3 GPS Review

GolfBuddy continues to leave its competitors behind with each product they release. Their new VT3 unit is just another example of the high quality products we have to come to expect. Improving upon the success of the GolfBuddy Voice unit seemed like an unachievable task, but this new unit is sure to accomplish that.

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GolfBuddy Voice GPS

For the last month I have been testing the GolfBuddy Voice GPS unit. GPS is one of the things that I have never been able to take advantage of in my golf game, so I was excited about the opportunity to use this. Will it help me dial in my distances with my clubs? Will I be able to hit more greens and shoot lower now that I know the exact yardage? Well the answer is simply yes, and I will get to all of that later. First, let me start with the basic specifications for this unit.

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