PrecisionPro NX7 Laser RangeFinder Review

PrecisionPro NX7 Laser RangeFinder Review

Thank the golf gods that amateur golfers don't need to carry yardage books, pin placement sheets and have to rely on stakes and colored rocks on the fairway to gauge their distance to the flag. 3 hour rounds would turn to 5 hour rounds and golf just wouldn't be that fun anymore. So for us, having a rangefinder in the bag not only speeds up the game but allows us to know the distance to the flag. In the past, the biggest issue with rangefinders were the cost. It was hard to justify spending $300+ on a device just to get yardages. Although there were cheaper alternatives like GPS devices, I didn't like the general front - middle - back pin placement numbers. So, enter the PrecisionPro NX7 RangeFinder. Compact, accurate, easy to use, shock proof, water resistant and the best part, under $200!

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GolfBuddy VT3 GPS Review

GolfBuddy continues to leave its competitors behind with each product they release. Their new VT3 unit is just another example of the high quality products we have to come to expect. Improving upon the success of the GolfBuddy Voice unit seemed like an unachievable task, but this new unit is sure to accomplish that.

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