Golf Buddy PT4 Review

Alright who out there couldn’t use a reliable Golf Buddy? Anybody? Hmm, I didn’t think so.  I have several Golf Buddy products that I use during my golf rounds, but today I’m going to focus on the Golf Buddy PT4.


 For those who don’t know, the PT4 is one of the most advanced handheld GPS unit for golf. Here’s a list of Features of the Golf Buddy PT4:

  • 4" LCD high resolution display

  • Advanced interface with capacitive touch control

  • Slim body design

  • Dynamic Green View

  • Moveable pin placement

  • Automatic course and hole recognition

  • Statistics analysis module

  • Replaceable battery

  • Water resistant

  • Digital scorecard

  • Up to 8-hour battery life

  • Multilingual (8 Languages)



Some of my personal favorites out of these features is the 4” LCD display, it’s the biggest of screens I have ever seen on a handheld GPS. Moving the pin position into the front, back , left , or right is super easy and a necessity. The unit itself is slim and lightweight, making it easy to wear on your belt. Don’t like to wear your device no worries they sell universal cart mounts. I used the unit for at least 2 full rounds before charging. I pushed the 8 hour mark with no issues.

Now for those of you that like to use a digital scorecard, this unit has that ability. It’s easy to use, but I still like to use a regular scorecard as well for backup.  Did I mention that the unit comes already preloaded with over 38,000 courses?? Yes, no need to pay or subscribe after you purchase the PT4. Simply power the unit on, set it up and enjoy.

I’ve used the unit on multiple courses, over 12 rounds of play with no issues during my use. My only suggestion is that you power the unit on before you head to the 1st tee. Why you ask? Okay I’ll tell you! I was so accustomed to turning on other units then having to pick the course and then wait for it to load. With the PT4 you turn on the unit and it does the rest. It knows where you’re at and it starts as you get to the 1st hole. Now some of you might be wondering how about if I’m not starting on 1st hole. Maybe it’s the 10th or the 13th during a tournament. No need to fret the unit let’s you change the hole where you start. It’s fast and easy to do.

If you are looking for a top notch handheld GPS, the Golf Buddy PT4 could be for you with all of its features and ease of use it’s one of my favorites. Please visit:   for more information on the Golf Buddy PT4 and the rest of the Golf Buddy products line up.