Birdie Ball Review

In this day and age, it becomes a struggle for golfers to find the time to go to the driving range to work on their game. And it’s pretty common that the average golfer simply can’t afford to hit the driving range all of the time. Well a simple solution would be to just practice at home, right? This is tough unless all you want to practice is chip shots, because most people don’t have a lot of room to practice at home. Birdie Balls is a great solution to this, and has become a mainstay in my practice gear.

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 Birdie Balls are the closest thing to a real ball there is. They feel very much like a real ball, and they provide a very true flight. They also only fly 40 yards, making it an ideal training aid at home. Along with my set, came a Strike Pad, and a pop-up target. The Strike Pad is a pad that is good for hitting off of, and it shows the correct swing path your club should be taking. For the visual learner, this is a great tool to use when hitting birdie balls. The pop-up target is fun to set up and aim for so that you’re practice is more meaningful.

As far as my experience goes, I could not be happier with this product. I’ve been in the yard almost daily hitting shot after shot towards my target. If I play a draw, the Birdie Ball draws. If I play a fade, it fades. They really do give a true flight as advertised. There is also an audible feedback with these. If you hit them just right, you will hear a turbine like noise as it takes off. There is definitely a reason these won the Best New Product at the PGA Show when they were first introduced.

The biggest thing people will want to know about with these will ultimately be how durable they are, and if they really are an aid, or if they’re more for fun. Here’s how I see it. I’ve hit these pretty often, and they have held up perfectly. The Strike Pad has received many blows as well, and it still looks new. As for the training aid vs. toy question, I say it’s both. If you’ve got a young one who you’re trying to get interested in the game, this is a great way to get them started. Birdie Ball even has a lot of fun little things that kids would enjoy to help get them interested in the game which is really what we’re all about: growing the game of golf. But, if you’re the type who wants some solid practice at home, these are a great benefit for you as well. Whether you’re practicing a full swing, your pitching technique, or working on shaping shots, you will find that this is a great training aid. There are so many things you can do with these, and I invite you to check them out on their website to see the high praise they receive as well as all of the other products they offer. This is a top of the line company, and the owners are great people.