TeeClaw Review

In our venture to the PGA Trade Show in Orlando, FL we were lucky enough to meet with local so-cal natives and owners of the practice tool TeeClaw. We had always seen their page on social media along with different uses with their alignment aid. Me personally, I was extremely interested in testing and reviewing their TeeClaw!


Wait, what is a Teeclaw? It’s a quarter sized piece of plastic with three curved prongs on the underside. These prongs latch into the ground extremely easy as you press them down and twist. Underneath these claws are a little loop that you attach the strings. With these strings you align yourself to your target or you can work on club path.


Thats the very BASICS of the TeeClaw and their basics are very easy to use. I’ve had people I train with or people come up to me and say “why dont you just use alignment sticks?” to which I answer “To my eye, this is a lot easier to adjust and much easier for my eyes.” 


Now, here’s where the TeeClaw passes on the use of an alignment stick and its uses: It is extremely versatile on how you can use it. Bob Farnham, Tee Claw Expert Trainer, shows us on his instagram how to use it to create paths for your putter, zones to chip into, and even where the ball bounce to spin distance preferred in short pitches. I can’t do that with an alignment stick.


One thing that the alignment stick does that the TeeClaw can’t yet is that I can still stick the stick up at certain angles if I need to work on a more detailed club plane exercise. But like I said, maybe the guys at TeeClaw will address that in the future. 


In terms of usefulness, creativity, and how intuitive this product is I give this product an A-


It’s absolutely easy to use, plus all ages and types of golfers can use it with no problems. 


Thanks again TeeClaw crew and keep up the great work.