ClubCrown Review

Have you ever thought of having your driver, woods or a hybrid fancied up? I have, but was always scared away by cost, time without my clubs, and the thought of messing it up once it was painted. Enter ClubCrown; they use high-tech 3M films with graphics that allow you to get your driver, woods, or hybrids looking fresh.


They have a lot of designs for you to choose from:  animal prints, solid colors, flags, U.S. Military, etc. You have your own design you want to use that’s not a problem. The folks at ClubCrown can do it, and do it right. I am a believer, especially after they took my logo and made a ClubCrown. It came out amazing, and looks like it was painted on. This is quality at its finest folks. Just a little extra tidbit for you guys. Recently, I went to get a Shaft Fitting at Jessy James Golf in Orlando. They saw the ClubCrown and were as amazed. It was funny watching one of the techs looking all around the driver head. He thought it was painted, yes it is that good. I even had to forward the ClubCrown information to The Master Putter Fitter, because he wants to get his done. This is the typical reaction from anyone that sees my ClubCrown.

Here is the Process from the company:

How does the Ship Your Club To Us service work?
1. Order your ClubCrowns online.
2. Within 24 hours of placing the order, we will email you a complimentary UPS shipping label.
3. Print the label out and attach it to a box. Pack your clubs up and drop it off at UPS.
4. They will professionally install the ClubCrowns and get your clubs back in the mail the same day they receive the package.
5. You receive your clubs back 4-10 business days after placing your order amazed by how great it looks!


I followed the same exact service and was surprised at how fast the turnaround is from start to finish, I believe it was a week. Yes I was worried to ship out my driver head, but it was well worth it. I almost wanted to retire the head it looks so good. I know when I do upgrade my driver that the head is going to my man cave to be displayed. 


There you have it all wrapped up nicely. (You like the play on words? Lol) ClubCrowns are a fun way to express yourself, and protect the crown of your clubs. This is especially important if you plan on trading your clubs in. Simply remove the ClubCrown and you have your club it its original condition. For more information and to check out the designs use this link: