An Inside Look At Tour Edge Golf

With the intent to make a high quality golf product at an affordable price, Tour Edge Golf has continued to excel.  When they introduced the Exotics line of Ironwoods the industry believed it to be a game changer but with the recent introduction of the Exotics Woods they’ve done it again.





Bigg Jon Vic and I were able to take Biggs Golf Talk Radio on the road to Chicago to see first hand what the Tour Edge Golf facility is truly like. We were greeted by the Vice President of Marketing, Jon Claffey before stepping into the conference room where we would broadcast our show later in the day.  We immediately began to see a variety of products that have made Tour Edge what they are today. This conference room is also an example set up for clients to see what it would look like at their facility with Tour Edge products on display.




Next stop, we were taken to the warehouse where all the magic happens for dealers and golfers. Here we were able to see a multitude of Tour Edge products and the incredible process that is required to get their products from the floor to the consumer. Stacked floor to ceiling it was an impressive sight for sure.




Nestled in a back corner was the ‘museum’ of Tour Edge products from the past.  This section keeps products that have been sold and created which have lifetime warranties so the consumer will always be able to keep and use their favorite Tour Edge items no matter how old they are. Bigg Jon was excited to see that they had the same bag that he purchased many years ago on the shelf today.




The reason that Tour Edge is capable of offering their customers a 48 hour turnaround time on custom clubs is because each and every club is assembled right here in Batavia, IL. and goes through a final quality check before being shipped out. If you’re not sure there’s no reason to worry because if you purchase something from Tour Edge you have a 30 day play return policy. No questions asked you will receive a full refund.  Tour Edge wants their customers to be completely pleased with their products and they do whatever they can to make that happen.




After our tour we  took a break and sat down with Jon Claffey to hear from him about the exciting changes going on at Tour Edge since he took over as VP of Marketing. These changes are surely noticeable; such as the addition of Tour Professionals like Rocco Mediate, Tom Lehmen and Fred Funk endorsing Tour Edge products on the course themselves. There was so much great information to be shared that we did our first ever BGT Extra Hole’s Tour Edge talk. Listen in for yourself.


Lastly we were able to go upstairs and spend some time in the state of the art club fitting facility. Here you have the ability to get an individual fitting of your Tour Edge Clubs in a controlled environment and get state of art technological feedback on every facet of your game.  Test out your swing, chipping and putting and learn how you can improve from the professionals at Tour Edge. Bigg Jon and myself had the opportunity to get our current Tour Edge Clubs dialed in and adjusted for the next round of play. During the process, it was discovered that not only was I playing with the wrong shaft but also the wrong loft on my driver.  After making this adjustment I was able to hit a club that would mimic the one they’ll be fixing and sending to me and I was immediately impressed by the improvement in my swing. I increased swing speed, distance and had much tighter dispersion of my drive. In addition to my driver, they adjusted my hybrid and 3 Wood. I am excited to see what my game looks like once I get them back.





To end a perfectly good day, Tour Edge treated us to the famous Portillo’s italian beef sandwiches! The day was truly an incredible experience.