ShoeTips Review

How many of you golfers out there have ten different things running through your mind at set up before each shot? I know I have always had a few, but what are the most important ones? How can we remember to concentrate on just the really important ones to play well? I recently received ShoeTips and they could just be what we need to stay focused before each shot.

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What are ShoeTips?  ShoeTips are labels that you can change for the thoughts you want just before your shot. One says grip another trust, I chose Swing Plane and Alignment. I know that these are important for me to remember just before my shots. These labels fit nicely into the two included base clips. Once you have them in the base clips they are super easy to attach them to you shoe laces.




The ShoeTips were installed on my shoes and off I went to give them a try.  I really was more focused on what I wanted to remember instead of everything else running around in my head.  Yes golf has a mental side to the game and these actually help especially when you see the benefits. Now a quick note just in case those 18 labels don’t have what is important to you; you can flip them over and write what is. Yes it’s that simple.


If you are looking for a way to remember something the ShoeTips is for you! They are easy and simple to use yet effective! Best yet they are literally right there at your feet. For more information or to get your ShoeTips visit