Craftsman Golf: Head Cover Review


Craftsman Golf: Head Cover Review


Air Force High

 Who would have thought that a simple tweet would end with a dual reward; contest winner and new relationship?  When I decided to enter the contest being held between Craftsman Golf and Golf for Beginners I didn’t truly believe I would win.  None the less, I tweeted a picture of my tattoo and jokingly said it’s a perfect match with your head covers.  This was the beginning of something special.




While head covers were originally designed with a sole purpose of protection in mind there’s so much more today. Their mission: “Only For The Best Golf Head Cover! “ They firmly believe that this fairly simple accessory reveals your style, spirit and personal attitude. Since you are unique, Craftsman believes your head covers should be as well. Just like my tattoo of the Punisher represents my love of the USA and law enforcement my relationship with Craftsman allows me to continue to express that same uniqueness and love while on the course through head covers that match that uniqueness. So when I was asked what I’d like to review, the USA Flag Heart head covers screamed my name. If they had not, Craftman is proud to go a step further and allow you to create a completely customizable cover beginning with the leather, the stitching and the overall design pattern entirely up to you.


Craftsman takes great pride in their ability to take a premium quality material and then use the expert artisians to create a stunning and durable product that golfers can be proud of.  These head covers are water and stain resistant while still having a soft inner lining that protects the clubs themselves but also makes them easily identifiable as yours so they’re less likely to “walk away”.




Once I put the head covers onto my clubs I was immediately proud of the way my bag looked and what it represented to me.  I was also excited at the ease of which I was able to put them on and off my clubs.  The double elastic inside the covers ensure that they stay securely on the club head and the fairway and hybrid covers are designed to be interchangeable for additional ease. While I have a full set of head covers and see value in all of them I found myself truly loving the putter head cover most of all. During a normal round, I find myself taking the cover off my putter and tossing it into the cart, ignoring it until I returned from the green. With the Craftsman covers it’s very different, not only do the dual magnets make me feel confident in the protection of my club I no longer need to put my ball marker in my pocket. I now have the ability to keep it right where I need it… with my putter on the cover.  It has a super strong magnet that holds my ball marker securely to the outside of my cover.  I have now gotten used to carrying my putter, cover and all, to the green and keeping it protected every step of the way.






The use of head covers are an important way to protect your investment as well as show your own personal uniqueness. Why wouldn’t you choose to use the brand that strives to be best?


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