Club Glove Caddy Towel Review

 While Club Glove products are affordable enough to be used by any golfer they are used by an overwhelming majority of golfing professionals on all US Tours. From where it all began with the desire to create a waterproof club cover; Club Glove has expanded to bags and accessories that you will see at nearly every golf course you visit. 





While the towel may seem like a very simple accessory the golfer knows how incredibly important it is.  Not all towels are made the same and this may just be one of the most important accessories a golfer will own. Being able to keep yourself and your equipment clean and dry is a key piece to a successful round.




The Club Glove Caddy Towel is made of a premium microfiber and has a waffle knit design that creates superb absorption. This towel is said to hold up to 400% of its weight in water yet remains light enough to hang on the bag and not be restricting.  It even has an 8 inch slit down the center of the towel so that it can easily fit over the top of any club in your bag. Along with this large 17”x 40” towel you’ll get a pocket towel perfect for wiping the sweat from your brow or hands during the round. The towel is absorbent enough to have one section wet enough to clean your golf ball or wipe down your clubs while the opposite side is able to dry them and your hands. 


While this towel is gentle enough to be used on delicate items like glass it is tough enough to wipe off mud, dirt and grass stains from your clubs without the fear of damaging them. This accessory is arguably the most used item in the golfer’s bag so it’s imperative that the quality be the best available and easy to maintain. I was able to simply throw my towel in the washing machine with cold water and mild detergent and it was as good as new when done. 




Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the Caddy Towel can be personalized for a specific event, corporate outing or just to have your own monogram. If you’re wanting more than one you can even order a 6 pack to share and that comes with free embroidery so the entire office can advertise while they play. This is a great item for swag bags and charitable events as I just received one while competing at the Myrtle Beach World Amateur Event.


Club Glove Towel