Ship Sticks: 'Fore' Simplified Travel

When you are traveling across country for golf it’s critical that your clubs make the journey safely and on time.  Instead of trusting them in the belly of multiple planes between Florida, Oregon and Indiana I opted to “Simplify the Way You Travel” and use Ship Sticks. 



First stop on the #GolfBlogWorldTour was Bandon Dunes, Oregon which consists of 3,186 miles! It was very important to me that my golf clubs arrive there before me and so I was excited to see that my part of the process was quick and easy. You simply go online to, click on SHIP NOW and you will be guided through the easy to follow form needed to set up your shipment. When setting up your shipment, you have the option to drop off your clubs and luggage off at a local carrier store or you can arrange to have them picked up at your origin address.  Next up was to print the label generated and affix it my bag. Just for your information, while I chose to use my own travel golf bag for shipping if you don’t have a travel bag to send your clubs in, you can ship them in a box. Boxes are found at most local carrier stores. The website is full of easy to follow pictures so that you are certain to put the label on the right way and have it secured appropriately. I received an email that said FedEx would be at my home on a specific date, time window and tracking number needed to watch their progress. FedEx came well within the time window and off my clubs went.  Now, all I had to do was sit back, relax and meet my babies at our destination!



Although my part of the trip was less than easy; multiple delays, flights cancelled, unexpected overnight stay and then rerouted to another airline and city, I was thrilled to get to Bandon Dunes and see my precious cargo had arrived safe and sound. I knew every path my babies had taken because of the tracking number that Ship Sticks had given me before to provide updates from pickup times, what city they’re in and ultimately when they’ve been delivered!




At the end of this trip, it was time once again to pack my babies up and prepare them for their next leg of the #GolfBlogWorldTour.  This time the clubs would travel 2,403 miles from Bandon Dunes, Oregon to Indianapolis, Indiana for the Folds of Honor Patriot Shootout.  Once again, I followed the easy process of securing my bag and affixing labels.  FedEx arrived at the resort and began the journey while I jumped on another couple of planes.   On this leg of the trip once again my clubs beat me to our destination! Another leg of the tour was successful.


One last time, I  packed my golf clubs and prepared them for the final 989 miles back home to Tampa! With the label attached, bag locked and pickup scheduled now I simply had to wait for FedEx to get them one last time.  Not only did my precious cargo arrive home safe and sound before me yet again, they arrived a full day earlier than anticipated!! I can not say enough about what a wonderful experience I had using Ship Sticks to get my golf clubs across the country and back home safe and sound.  At each leg of the journey I was pleased to see my bag intact, undamaged and waiting for my arrival. Ship Sticks definitely SIMPLIFIED MY TRAVEL and guaranteed that I will use them to send my golf clubs ahead of me on future trips! Not needing to check an extra bag or wait at the baggage claim saved me a HUGE amount of time and potential frustration. Thank you, Ship Sticks!