An Introduction To Bandon Dunes Golf Courses and Resort

Mixed with rustic pine trees, massive dunes and sweeping ocean views the  Bandon Dunes Golf Courses and Resort is one of the most picturesque Pacific Golfing opportunities there is.  With the feel of ancient Scotland these 5 distinctly different courses will make you feel joy, pain, frustration and pride all in one round.



When given the opportunity to visit the Bandon Dunes Golf Courses and Resort with the #GolfBlogWorldTour I had no choice but to instantly accept the adventure without hesitation.  Although I am used to the beach like temperatures of Florida this time of year, I welcomed the fall like 60 degree weather that the Pacific Coast has right now. First step out of the car I knew everything about my golf game would be affected from the colder temps to the wind blustering across my face.



Fortunately the first stop would be to check and get some much needed food after a long day and a half of travels.  It was a beautiful sight to see that Ship Sticks had safely delivered my golf clubs to the resort just as expected. Just a short ride on the property shuttle took me to Chrome Lake where we would be staying.  This spacious room has two king size beds, a desk and sitting area to work and a beautiful fireplace which I immediately got fired up! The scenic views were breathtaking as they overlooked the water, and surrounding forest..



Bandon Preserve which opened in 2012 was the highlight of the trip for me as the number 13 carries a significant meaning with me because of my commitment and love of the military and Folds of Honor. This 13 hole course begins on top of the sand dunes and then has the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop to every hole. Along with the beautiful views, all proceeds from Bandon Preserve go directly to the Wild River Coast Alliance which supports various projects to protect the South Coast of Oregon. Because all courses at Bandon Dunes are walking only I had the opportunity to admire the views and truly take in the scenery around me.



Day two would start us off at Bandon Trails which opened in 2005 and considered the third course.  This course begins on a massive sand dune and then opens up to a large meadow.  This course is make up of rolling dunes, coastal forests and beautiful ocean views.  A beautiful course to walk and admire the scenery.




Our second round of the day would take us to Bandon Dunes  course which was the first course in this collection and opened in 1999.  This course sets high on top a bluff and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. With its location being where it is the winds are constantly present and there’s no escaping what they will do to a missed shot.



The next morning we hit The Pacific Dunes  course which opened in 2001 and is equally as beautiful but clearly shaped out of nature itself. The fairways remain just as they are found in nature and are lined with 60 foot sand dunes.  When the wind blew over these dunes there was no saving a bad shot.



After a quick lunch we began the afternoons adventure on Old MacDonald course which Bandon calls the fourth of their six courses created in 2010.  This was the most rugged looking of all the courses as it was solid greens as far as the eye could see and the deepest and widest bunkers just waiting to eat your missed shots.



While it was a great week in Oregon I found that there were so many fascinating things about each course that a small mention would not do it justice.  Be sure to watch for a detailed review about each course at Bandon Dunes so you’ll have all the inside information when you’re ready for your trip to the northwest.