Man Crates: More than a Crate

We all know that guys are very challenging to buy for.  The idea of finding something that they really want can be nearly impossible. Plus no man has ever received an artful bouquet of fruit or brightly colored tie and honestly smiled and said “Awesome, that’s exactly what I wanted!”  Introduce: Man Crates. This is the perfect way to celebrate the men in your life in a fun and unique way that they will enjoy!  Giving a gift should be as fun to do as receiving and Man Crates have made that possible.

Nike KD







When I walked outside and saw my cool looking Man Crate box waiting for me I was anxious to get inside!  Straight out of the box I was smiling at the awesome crate! At first glance, I didn’t realize it was going to require as much effort to get into the box as it did, but that actually pleased me as well.  The packaging itself is more than a flimsy crate! This crate is substantial and will not only withstand shipping but it will also be something that I can keep and use in my personal office. Once getting into the crate my interest was peaked even more because I was greeted by the “Golfer’s Man Crate” picture that gave me just a hint of what I might find inside.  For me, golf is the ideal focus but Man Crates has a variety of options to choose from such as eating which includes booze, pizza, pasta and more, outdoor fun like hunting and fishing as well as just about every sport you can think of along with personalization options.



Once I got into my crate I was actually shocked by the amount of stuff inside!  The Golfer’s Man Crate has a nice mix of golf fun as well as equipment. I loved the idea of including one of the best golf movies made; Caddyshack, along with the Daphne’s headcover which had a Daphne’s golf ball! Then you have a couple tools to throw in your pocket with the tees, divot replacer and golf balls.  I think the value of items in this crate along with the fun that they provide is a great gift for any guy that enjoys the game of golf! I am an avid golfer with lots of golf stuff and I can say that I don’t have any of these exact items from this box. I even have multiple Daphne’s headcovers and don’t have a gopher!  The boys will love seeing this one sticking out of my bag.





If for some reason your guy isn’t totally pleased with the gift you sent Man Crates has what they call a High-Five Guarantee.  This means that Man Crates offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you AND your recipient will receive the best experience possible.  If you don’t receive that High-Five, fist bump, fatherly hug or thanks bro then call and they’ll make it right! In my mind there’s no way you can lose with these crates! If your guy has as much fun opening this box as I did can you imagine the amount of fun he’ll have opening and using these cool items!  You’ve very simply provided him hours of entertainment and gratitude.