20 Years in the Making; SkyCaddie SX500

By: John Billin

Since 1998, SkyGolf has been working to help improve golfers and their game by offering innovative technologies that enables them to play better by having more information.  The SkyCaddie SX500 is the latest in handheld devices which gives the golfer more tools needed to improve their game and what perfect timing to celebrate the 20th Anniversary!




The SkyCaddie SX500 is equipped with the largest screen yet at 5 inches of touch- screen interactive space. TOUCH SCREEN for the win! Having my old SkyCaddie device still in use I was amazed to put the two items side by side and truly see the difference.


The large HD display combines with course graphics, only available from SkyCaddie, and has over 35,000 preloaded course. The new SkyCaddie is also equipped with the new Dynamic HoleVue™ technology, which automatically re-orients the entire golf hole from your position to the green as you progress from the tee. 




The SkyCaddie SX500 comes in a water-resistant, rugged design to stand up to most anything that comes its way on the course as well as has the largest battery in the industry.  This device will be ready to extend your first round to another 9 or even 18 more holes if you choose to play again. I have played as many as 3 rounds before even considering charging the device; my average round is 3.5 hours!



With the exciting course enhancements and new technologies, I was anxious to use this new device on the courses here in Florida. Although my first use was on a course I was extremely familiar with I was anxious to see how the display showed the course that I already knew. It was perfect! There has never been any issues pulling up the course details and it has proven to be a valuable tool allowing me to reduce the number of shots I’m taking especially when it comes to laying the ball up at the appropriate distance! Since using the SkyCaddie I have not been estimated my yardage and instead have much better planning ability saving me from water and hazards more often.



The information available from the SkyCaddie SX500 gives so many possibilities that every piece of the game has room for improvement.  I loved the fact that I not only was able to get 4 distances based on various common locations of shots on the fairway.I was also able to get the same various location information for the greens! With the additional distance information based on the “what ifs” of where my shot might go I was able to plan my following shot with less error. When approaching the green I was able with a simple click to see the front, middle and back yardages displayed. When properly executed each piece of information makes the next shot easier and more successful.





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SkyGolf discusses their 20 year anniversary release of the SkyCaddie SX500. This just might be the BEST GPS unit they have come out with.