Cadi Kiosk: The Future of Club Shopping

While attending the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida; I participated in a Media Event at The Legends at Orange Lake Golf Resort. During this event we met with Founder and CEO Tyler Gottstein along with the rest of the Cadi Kiosk Team. Here they unveiled to us the very first unattended retail kiosk. This patent-pending smart kiosk allows golfers to conveniently demo and purchase golf equipment at competitive prices, right on their range or golf course.

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While many country clubs still have a full service pro-shop that is equipped with the latest and greatest clubs this is becoming less common due to the prices and ability to stock pro-shops.  The Cadi Kiosk is allowing any course to have access to the latest and greatest clubs for their golfers to test out on the range or while you play. All this while keeping overhead costs down. Win for the course and their budgets, Win for the golfers who have access to the new technology before they purchase. Even better the golfer could potentially save even more money by making their purchases at a discounted price right out of the kiosk!


Tyler and the rest of his team went through the simple process of how the Cadi Kiosk works. It’s hard to believe that for 6 hours it will only cost $10 for you to demo or play as many clubs as you want within that time period. If you try out a Callaway driver and don’t like it just put it back and grab a Titleist… you can do this as many times as you need in your 6 hour period. Imagine having all your favorite brands are at your disposal and it’s entirely up to you to choose.




At the end of the presentation they revealed that they will be launching their pilot program in Central Florida as well as introducing an app where you can browse the inventory of your nearest kiosk. By using this app you will have the option to reserve or purchase your clubs before even getting to the course!


For those wondering what happens if you pull a club from the kiosk and find that it’s damaged they have that question taken care of as well… originally you would have to call a 1-800 number and report the damage but in my mind this was an inconvenience to the golfer. I suggested a solution that they’re looking into.  By simply adding a “damaged” button to the kiosk the golfer can return the club within a timely manner, eliminate frustration and risk of liability and go on with their game! By hitting this button that door and club will be locked out and removed from use until the technician comes and replaces it.


I’m going to keep a very close contact with the fine folks at Cadi Kiosk. I plan on getting and sharing updates on new locations as they start to pop up at a course or or range near you! Who knows we might even have them on as a guest of BiGGs Golf Talk.