FJ StaSof Glove

For more than 60 years, FootJoy has been a leader in the golf industry bringing products that amateurs and professionals alike have trusted.  FJ, the #1 Glove in Golf, introduces the latest in it’s iconic line with the FJ StaSof® glove.




Choosing the right fitting glove is one of the most important parts of your game. The glove that you wear should feel like an extension of your arm… the hand and glove should feel like one. Having the right size glove will help you have the right grip pressure and in turn the right grip which allow for better swings and club stability. The FJ StaSof glove is just another example of how FootJoy works to make the best for its customers.




Exclusive to Footjoy is the Taction3™ Advanced Performance Leather which is designed to optimize the shape and softness longer.  In my opinion, it’s more important that the FJ StaSof glove has the APL leather which maximizes water and perspiration while providing exceptional grip performance and durability.  In Florida is it very likely that taking my first shot off the tee box the temperatures will be chilly. As the day progresses so will the heat. Add a possible pop-up rain shower to the mix and it’s very important that you have the right glove for any weather condition that might occur. It’s imperative that my hands stay dry and comfortable from the beginning to end of my round. The FJ glove has strategically placed vents that allow for breathability as well as flexibility so that your equipment isn’t hindering your game. Along with breathability these gloves are the ultimate in moisture wicking so that you don’t need multiple glove changes throughout the round which is a common issue for many golfers I play with here in Florida.




The FJ StaSof glove is available in three different colors; pearl/white, pearl/black and a solid black. At a reasonable price of $25 this is an easy decision and an investment well worth the money. I average 7-8 rounds before feeling like my FJ glove is beginning to wear down so the durability of this glove is above par in my opinion. Like with all of your equipment if you take care of it, it will take care of you!