Sun Mountain Front 9 Golf Bag

For over 30 years, Sun Mountain has been the innovative force behind certain products that we as golfers might have taken for granted. When we think golf equipment, we often think of only our clubs. Sure our clubs are important but how are you going to carry them?

Or better yet, does it fit on a push cart or riding cart and how light, comfortable and convenient is your bag when you walk? The thing I love about Sun Mountain is that they have all your needs covered. Whether you use a push cart, ride or walk there is a bag for you. Plus, many of their current bags accommodate the golfer that needs it for all.

First introduced in 1981, the Front 9 bag from Sun Mountain was designed to be a small lightweight carry bag. For 2014, Sun Mountain re-designed the Front 9 bag to not only carry on as the lightweight champ of bags, but added many of the features to the bag we would expect from a much larger stand bag. Weighing only 3.8 lbs, the Front 9 bag offers six pockets including a beverage pouch, velour-lined valuables pocket, full-length clothing pocket and accessory pockets. The newly designed 8.5" oval top has 3 full length club dividers and has a flared opening to help get your clubs (all 14) in and out with no problem.


  • The carry straps are contoured to provide maximum comfort.
  • Top is flared for easy club retrieval.
  • There are 6 pockets including a beverage pouch and velour-lined valuables pocket.
  • The carry straps attach to the top, moving the center of gravity of the bag resulting in a more balanced bag and an easier carry.
  • For riding cart use, we added a cart-friendly bottom and leg lock system.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I believe the Front 9 bag from Sun Mountain has been the most versatile bag I have tested from the brand. No matter your mood for the day, the Front 9 bag can be used with the micro cart (or any push cart) or can be placed in the back of an electric cart without any problems. But where the Front 9 really shines is strapped to your shoulders as you walk the course. For more info on the Front9 bag or other Sun Mountain bags and accessories, visit