Sun Mountain 4.5 LS Golf Bag Review

It's one thing to be the first to create something but it's another thing to be the best at it. For over 30 years, Sun Mountain has continued to raise the bar in golf bag design, performance and function through owner and inventor Rick Reimers continued inspiration and innovation. Their inventive approach and understanding the needs and wants from golfers fuels the passion to create the finest golf bags today. For the past 5 years, Sun Mountain has been the official golf bag of Club Wars. I have had the pleasure of using and testing their golf bags for some

time and in the process became a huge fan of the brand. New for 2017 and in for review at GolfBalled is their new 4.5 LS Stand/Carry bag. Again, understanding the needs of golfers today, Sun Mountain brings new innovation to their already tried and trusted golf bags.


Features & Technologies:

  • Eight pockets, including a full-length clothing pocket, hydration pouch and multiple accessory pockets, one of which is water-resistant
  • The carry straps are constructed with three-layer construction and are contoured for maximum carry comfort
  • The E-Z Fit Dual Strap System is comfortable and easy to adjust
  • A lift-assist panel is built in to the lower pocket for ease of handling
  • E-Z Grip zipper pulls
  • Matching rainhood
  • 9.0" 4 way top
  • 11 color schemes


For the 4.5 LS review, I am going back to Sun Mountains 9" 4 way top with top to bottom lined dividers. I've used their 14 way dividers the last couple years which is available for the 4.5 LS this year as well. What I notice first by looking at the bag is the addition of the Air Flow cushion system. Designed for comfort and breathability, it's a pillow for your back but also lines the rim of the top so you can call it a pillow for your clubs as well. There are also subtle but new materials used to line the "Hydration" pouch and one of two the velour valuable pockets is waterproof. Oh, did I also mention that for a mid size carry bag, the 4.5 LS only weighs 4.5 lbs.?


Other wonderful features added to the carry bags from Sun Mountain are design elements that make them more compatible with golf carts. The cart strap pass through ensures the 4.5 LS doesn't go anywhere when strapped in and allows full access to all the pockets on the bag. The leg locking feature makes sure the legs don't open when strapped to the cart as well. There are 2 easy lift handles on the bag and a lift assist panel to help you carry your bag and get it in and out of your car with no hassles.


Bottom line is that Sun Mountain, for the last 30 + years, has built a reputation for making amazing and innovative golf bags. That's what they do. You wouldn't  go to a hamburger joint and order sushi, right? You just don't do it. For more info on all their bags, carts and rain gear, go to