Inside OGIO's New 2018 Cirrus MB Stand Bag

When you hear the name OGIO your first thoughts should be high quality and innovative design. OGIO has worked to create pieces that are stylish as well as function in such a way that the addition of your bag adds to the quality of your game.



As I unwrapped my new 2018 Cirrus MB Stand bag my first thoughts were on how incredibly light the bag felt. Coming in just over 3 lbs, the OGIO prides themselves in using the most lightweight fabrics and materials so that you’re not worn out once you’ve added your clubs.  The sharp design and simple black coloring allows my clubs to continue to be the most visible things on the golf cart. I reached down to unzip one of the pockets and was pleasantly surprised to find that the bag is equipped with zipper pulls that have thumb holes for easier zipping and unzipping instead of cumbersome tiny ones of standard bags.  This simple addition is a huge positive for me! Something as little as not being able to unzip my bag when I need a fresh ball can completely change my mindset as I’m walking to the tee box.




As I continued to play with the new bag I noticed that OGIO has continued to use the Airflow technology that they use in many of their other bags in their golf accessories as well.  The Airflow technology is not only used to help control the heat and air circulation between your valuable electronics and the bag itself but also to help circulate the air between your body and the bag as it’s carried.  While you may be lucky enough to have your Cirrus golf bag placed on a golf cart instead of your back it’s likely that you’ll have your phone or other valuable tucked safely into one of the 4 pockets that the bag has.  It’s important that these valuables are as safe from heat and the outside elements as you are.



I began to put my clubs into the bag and noticed the clubs fit snugger than normal. When I  picked up the bag up I noticed that it was still lightweight and just as effortless to carry.  During my rounds on the course it was also hard not to notice that my clubs were not banging against one another as usual, which I liked!



As with all OGIO bags they continue to use their innovative designs so that you’re not feeling any pain from carrying your clubs.  Whether it’s the walk from the car to the Pro Shop or while playing your round  the four point equalizing strap system allowed me to carry my clubs with as little effort as possible. The Fit Disc system that OGIO uses on their straps allows them to constantly lay where they should and never tangle within one another allowing me to grab my bag without any effort or thought when putting it on my shoulders. The Cirrus MB bag is a stand bag so it’s important that the feet and leg mechanisms are of the highest quality so you can trust your clubs in the bag as you walk to your next shot without them.  OGIO strives to be appealing and yet functional in every piece that they create and this golf bag is no exception.