BIG MAX has made a name for themselves in the European Golf industry for years but when they decided to bring their products across the Atlantic they showed the entire golf industry about their dedication to quality, innovation and function in the world of golf. 

Nike Air VaporMax


BIG MAX has a reputation for being one of the most owned push trolley brands and they have worked to create accessories that protect a golfer’s most prized possessions while they’re on the course.  Playing much of my golf game in Florida, I know the importance of keeping my clubs protected from the elements and a pop up shower or quick storm is always a possibility.  BIG MAX’s most successful cart bag, the Aqua Sport just received a variety of updates and I was able to use the new generation Aqua Sport 2 Cart bag featuring the BIG MAX i-Dry Rainsystem. I experienced something that is much more than a standard rain protection system and was actually unlucky when caught in the rain but lucky when I got to experience the protection it provided firsthand.


The new i-Dry Rainsystem uses 100% waterproof material that is transparent and tear-resistant at the top and has the ability to zip your entire bag into a waterproof and protected environment. I was able to easily clip the cover to the bag holder with two simple clicks. The Aqua Sport 2 Cart bag has 7 waterproof compartments including hybrid putter and umbrella compartments, glove and towel holders, personals pockets which include a battery pack pocket for electric trolleys (or whatever other use you can come up with) and a cooler pocket. Possibly one of my favorite features is the extra wide putter compartment which works beautifully with all the new extra fat grips golfers are using today.  The FLAT CAT grip that I have on my putter moved in and out of the separate compartment over and over again with ease.  For those asking about the 14 hole compartment, they also work beautifully as I have JumboMax grips on all of my clubs and never noticed a difference in how they went in and out of my bag.


With the amount of extras included in this bag you might worry that it will be heavier than what you’re used to but with an empty weight of just 5.2lbs you won’t feel anything different than what you’re used to whether walking from the car to the clubhouse or a full 18 holes on the course. You’ll also notice a perfect fit on the golf cart or even on your push cart if you chose to walk the round. When the BIG MAX Aqua Sport 2 Cart bag is available to the public I predict an overwhelming positive response from the golf community.