JumboMax Grips Review

Recently on Biggs Golf Talk I  had the opportunity to interview John Mazzanoble who is the president of JumboMax Grips and he gave us insight into the technology and production that was 5 years in the making. John explained that for his personal use he uses the JumboMax Tour series midsize grips on his irons and the extra-large on his wedges. He was gracious enough to offer to send me a set for this review.  Based on John’s recommendation and personal usage I kept with my devotion to the Folds of Honor and support of our troops and ordered a set of the JumboMax Tour series grips in the USA red, white and blue design in the sizes just like his. 


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Lamkin SINK Putter Grip Review

With eye catching colors, multiple lengths and a new take on the overall design of the grip, Lamkin SINK putter grips offer great options and feel in the same grip. As most golfers know, when it comes to putting, it all comes down to the feel and how your putter fits in your hands. The SINK putter grip offers a great grip in all weather conditions rain or shine and a superb feel in your hands on the green.

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Lamkin Wrap-Tech grip review

Most golfers tend to overlook the most important part of your clubs, your grip. Lamkin has spared no expense in developing the new Wrap-Tech grip. The double helix pattern of smooth and rough textures when in your hands you can feel instant feedback when you hit a ball. In dry or wet conditions these grips amaze me in their performance.

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PURE Grips DTX Golf Grip Review

PURE Grips DTX Golf Grip Review

I recently wrote a review about a pair of golf shoes and one of the main factors I talked about was the importance of good grip. Our golf swing relies on solid grip on our feet to ensure that we stay balanced and planted to the ground. It made me think that if shoes were so important for our feet then grips have to be just as important for our hands. Up until now I have used only the stock grips put on by the OEMs. Some have lasted longer than others and some, if not most, have not performed up to par through the various weather conditions. Not to mention that my hands sweat pretty good during the summer months so having a good grip on the club is crucial for me to ensure a solid connection to my club. After looking to see what was out there, I decided to think outside the box and found PURE grips.

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