Lamkin Wrap-Tech grip review

Most golfers tend to overlook the most important part of your clubs, your grip. Lamkin has spared no expense in developing the new Wrap-Tech grip. The double helix pattern of smooth and rough textures when in your hands you can feel instant feedback when you hit a ball. In dry or wet conditions these grips amaze me in their performance.


When playing in dry weather, the combination of textures and tackiness of the grip give you confidence that you have full control of your club. Even in the hot summers of the valley in California where it can get 100*+ I carry a wet towel with me and wipe down my grips. I have noticed that once they are wiped down I get a little more tackiness which is what I like the most about the grip.

I have only had the chance to play once in a light rain with these since we don’t get much rain in California. Once again the grip held up its grip. Even when wet, the multi-textured grip felt solid.

About Lamkin

"Lamkin Grips' golf heritage dates back to 1925 when founder Elver B. Lamkin began manufacturing golf’s first leather grips. Today, the family-owned business delivers the industry's widest assortment of performance-enhancing golf grips that continue to earn loyal customers worldwide. Through their ongoing dedication to unequaled product quality and service support, Lamkin Grips is passionately committed to connecting golfers to a more confident, consistent and enjoyable game."

Lamkin offers the grip in 3 options for colors in the striping, white, blue and red. These are great grips but I do wish they made an all black version. When installing these grips it is nice to have the logo on the side and not on the top sight line. For easy installation there is a line at the top and bottom of the grip for easy line up, whether you are doing it yourself or a golf professional.

Lamkin’s Wrap-Tech grip retails at $4.99 each, which is a great price point for such a great grip. If you are looking for an all weather grip that is easy on your hands and performs in any kind of weather, this is a must try. For more information you can visit their website at,