JumboMax Grips Review

Recently on Biggs Golf Talk I  had the opportunity to interview John Mazzanoble who is the president of JumboMax Grips and he gave us insight into the technology and production that was 5 years in the making. John explained that for his personal use he uses the JumboMax Tour series midsize grips on his irons and the extra-large on his wedges. He was gracious enough to offer to send me a set for this review.  Based on John’s recommendation and personal usage I kept with my devotion to the Folds of Honor and support of our troops and ordered a set of the JumboMax Tour series grips in the USA red, white and blue design in the sizes just like his. 





Once I received my grips I had them installed. The mid-size was installed on my irons and woods and the extra-large on my  wedges. I could immediately feel the Finger-Palm technology used in the JumboMax grips which allowed the club to rest in the strongest part of my hand and create a more stable and efficient swing. I found myself having a more relaxed grip on the club versus squeezing tightly to hold it in my hand. There was less tension in my grip which allowed me to have a much more powerful swing and not turn over my wrists which kept my club head more square at impact.   




 After installing the JumboMax grips, I noticed that my ball flight became a more consistent baby draw versus a slight fade. Having the extra-large grips installed on my wedges I noticed a higher ball flight and  better chipping because I was able to get my hands through the ball versus flipping them which gave me much more desirable results.  There is no doubt that these grips have changed my ball flight and in turn my overall game play.


The JumboMax grips are ideal for those golfers who struggle with arthritis, carpal tunnel and other hand issues because of the shock absorbing qualities that they provide. You will feel less pain and exhaustion in your hands and arms at the end of the round because of the ability to hold onto your club so gently.

For more insight in JumboMax Grips and John Mazzanoble’s story listen here to the Biggs Golf Talk Interview