SwingOIL Review

Fitness and golf are two of my passions in life. At 31 years of age, I am at the gym 6 times a week and sometimes twice a day. I played competitive golf up till college and currently work at a pro shop / golf course in Southern California. To say I've tried everything out there to gain an edge would be an understatement. One of the great "perks" of being in the golf industry is having friends like the crew at GolfBalled asking for my opinion on new products that are right up my alley. Corey handed me the boxes of SwingOIL and said "You have to try this! It's the first drink supplement of its kind. It's specially formulated by golfers for golfers to promote flexibility and focus. Oh, and Jason Day drinks it!" What could I say except, hand it over and let me get at it!




The first flavor I tried was the Lemon Lime flavor. Because it was a hot day, I decided to chill it before my round which I liked very much. The taste is great and as advertised. Lemon and Lime! Another thing that might not seem like a big deal is the product being in a pouch. it stores great in my golf bag and doesn't take up too much space.


Unlike most drinks or supplements on the market, there is no sugar in SwingOIL. I experienced less fatigue but better yet, no crash from a ton of sugar. I felt extremely loose and fresh on the course but I also stayed focused on my game. During a 4-5 hour round of golf I can get distracted easily from the little things that might get to me. I don't know if it was a mind game or just coincidence, but my game was on point and so was my mind and body.



The ingredients, from SwingOIL:

1 - GLUCOSAMINE (100 mg.) & 2 - CHONDROITIN (50mg.)
Stay lubed up with these two. It’s like an oil change for your body.

3 - TURMERIC (40 mg.)
Inflammation destroys smooth swings. Turmeric is here to help.

4 - TAURINE (100 mg.)
Meet taurine: A low-cal, sugar-free pick-me-up for when you’re on the back 9.

You love the game too much to take days to recover. Be glad this is in here.

6 - GINSENG EXTRACT (100 mg.)
When you’re trying to putt or win the skin, focus matters. Enter ginseng.

We all know what game-day stress is like. That’s why we included this.


A supplement drink created for golfers by golfers. Sounds a bit hokey but hey, it works. Imagine walking 18 holes (approximately 4 miles), with a bag on your shoulders (30 lbs.), up hill and downhill, in 90* temperature. Yeah that's golf! The golfers at SwingOIL created a great product and as a golfer myself, I highly recommended it for your pre round routine. For more info, check out SwingOIL More info on the author, Ryan Perez