Nike TW 15 Golf Shoes Review

Every year Nike puts out a new version of their Tiger Woods golf shoes. Lately, every year has meant a new design and upgrade to the following years model. What more could they do to the TW 15's after so much progress in the last few years with them?


The first big redesign of the TW line was amazing, It had to be the best golf shoe I have ever worn. I thought they could only do a few things to make it better, but they went a different route... soft, cushy, and mesh. It wasn't bad, just not too stable, only spikeless, and just not much support.

With the TW 15's it's almost a blend of the best parts of the first TW new style and the mesh style. With a blend of spikes and rubber spikes, mesh, more ankle support, and a few other things in hopes to make an outstanding golf shoe.



They succeeded. The shoe is not only comfortable like last years mesh version but also sturdy. The problem with the mesh version was it had a soft shell all around, which meant less ankle and side support. If Nike wanted to make another mesh TW shoe they really needed to address this, and the did.

What you get is a really comfortable shoe that also grips and supports, that's a tough task, but Nike managed to make it work.

One problem I did notice is when tied perhaps a little tight, a lining or gap inside the shoe on the inner ankle area can rub and cause discomfort. This only happened once, but making the laces not so tight helped out.


Conclusion: Are they an upgrade from last year? Yes. Would I rather wear these or last years? I like these TW 15's more than the mesh TW 14's, and will wear the TW 15's ahead of the 14's.  How do the 15's match up to the solid/leather TW 13/14's? The 15's are definitly more comfortable, more flexible, and lighter. They will be great for hot rounds and walking, but not ideal in wetter/coder conditions where the solid TW's are better.