TRUE linkswear True Motion Golf Shoe Review

Many, if not all TRUElinkswear fans were excited  for the release of the companies  first ever spiked golf shoe, the GameChanger Pro. Not lost in all the build up for their first soft spiked golf shoe was the release of TRUE's new "street" style golf shoe, the TRUE Motion. I would say the TRUE reason why we have all become fans of the brand. Once again, they don't disappoint. TRUE continues to take what works from previous models, add new design and technology elements to make them better and more comfortable.


From TRUElinkswear:

The Motion is built with a zero drop sole eliminating the forced heel found in most golf shoes, a wide toe box that allows for a better fit for the natural shape of the foot, lightweight materials that let the foot function freely and naturally, a thin sole offering closer proximity to the ground, and increased flexibility from a one-piece rubber outsole that allows the foot to closely mimic barefoot movement.


Motion is the shoe that’s worn to the office so you can hit a bucket of balls during lunch or play a quick nine after work – and you don’t have to change shoes. They’re incredibly flexible and comfortable and they hold up in all types of the elements.

Built on our one-piece barefoot rubber tread system. Most ground contact area in golf with our wider platform and the zero drop design. This shoe lets you really feel the ground.


My Take

The Motion are now my 7th TRUElinkswear golf shoe review so it's safe to say I am familiar with their design and technology philosophy. What I like about that fact is that I can compare to previous models and see where changes to the shoes  have either been an improvement or a step in the wrong direction. Besides the new, street style look of the Motion, 3 new design elements really stand out to me that make this shoe one of the best of the year.


The first thing I notice and most TRUE fans will agree with is that the wide toe box is not as wide as previous shoes. This is a trend I like from TRUE. Every year since their first Tour shoe, I have noticed the wide toe box shrink but still remain effective. This is a design change I like very much from a looks point of view. From someone with a wide foot, the new outsole design of the Motion create the illusion of a thinner shoe but rest assure, the wide toe box is still there to help your feet move freely.


The next has to be the softer leather and micro-suede heel. TRUE is known as the most comfortable golf shoe for many reasons and the addition of these two elements is a plus. The soft leather top allows my foot to flex as if I wasn't wearing shoes. The softer leather also makes the tongue softer and not dig into my foot, a problem I had with the PHX and 2nd gen Tour shoes from a few years ago. The micro-suede accent on the heel keeps my heel in place but also adds a layer of comfort. Its soft and literally acts as a pillow for the back of my foot. I have now walked many rounds of golf and also practice on the range with the Motion and my feet are happy I do.


Last but not least has to be the new tread pattern and thin sole design. The Motion have provided the most grip of any TRUE shoe I've tested, minus the soft spiked GameChanger Pro. Previous models have had the tread tucked under the outer sole of the shoe creating an illusion of a shoe with no golf tread on them. The Motion tread is now exposed to give more ground contact and it's very noticeable. I get more grip in dry, wet, heavy, thin conditions than ever.


TRUElinkswear, for 2015, has put together a line geared for everyone. Spikes or no spikes, they have your feet covered. The Motion is just another step in the evolution of their take on golf shoes and I'm happy to see them succeed in their mission to make the most comfortable golf shoe. For more information, visit