Golfing With Psycho Bunny

With a bunny skull and crossbones logo, the founders describe Psycho Bunny as two elements working as one; rebellion with style, sophisticated mischief so to speak.  Determined never to compromise quality or creativity is what this company stands for. Whether it’s a bold color or a classic style Psycho Bunny is dedicated to use the highest quality materials and construction while still keeping with the whimsy and creativity; mischief, that they know and love.

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As a golfer my apparel has to serve a multitude of purposes.  I definitely want to look good but my clothes need to be comfortable and durable.  The Florida weather is unpredictable and can range from cool and damp to downright soaking from sweat and a pop up storm all during one 18 hole round. When I opened my package my eyes were greeted with the Men’s Sport Ice Cube Polo Campanula aka BLUE and Sport Birtley Polo in Hot Pink! Man!!!  I was immediately in love with the look.  All of the details of a classic Psycho Bunny Polo with a killer look.  The shirts have tapered seams, and mother of pearl buttons. Where they differed  were the materials that they are made from. The Ice Cube is made from a moisture-wicking cotton and lycra blend. While the Birtley is a polyester and elastane blend.




I was excited to try it on and have to admit was immediately confused by the size.  What is a size 7? After a little research I found that Psycho Bunny uses numerical sizing; much like European clothiers, and so the size corresponded appropriately to a standard XL shirt size.  Once I understood that I put it on and liked the way I looked. In the future I think I would be comfortable sizing down just a bit; even though my arms tend to be larger, the shirt was plenty roomy for me and I would likely do well with a size 6 which corresponds to a standard size large. Regardless of the size, I will say that golfing in this shirt was comfortable and non-restrictive so I’d say it’s functional and attractive which is always a win in my book!




So my first day out on the course wearing my new Psycho gear I was met with lots of compliments and expletives from my buddy. It appears that I am the last person of my friends to join the Psycho Bunny Gang but I am definitely glad to be Psycho now!