Get TUNED in for a GLIMPSE of UnderArmour's New Performance and Recovery Eyewear System

What started with a simple t-shirt has now expanded to a full-line of athletic apparel, equipment and activewear.  Under Armour, Inc. has had a mission to make all athletes better through passion, design and relentless pursuit of innovation. At the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show, Under Armour Eyewear joined with Eyeking to debut a new UA Tuned Vision Performance and Recovery System of eyewear. When meeting with UA at the show we discussed my excitement and willingness  to test out the UA Octane and Glimpse sunglasses so that I could get a full feel for the performance and recovery system they had designed.

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The idea behind the new UA Tuned Golf Vision Performance System is to create a sharper color separation specifically for golf as well as have a recovery system that allows your eyes to painlessly recover from the long day in the sun.   You will see the greens and fairways in greater detail, create more accuracy in depth perception and be able to be more precise in your shots.


When I put on the UA Tuned Octane sunglasses I immediately noticed a difference in the way my eyes felt as well as the clairity on the course.  The lenses are designed for golfers as well as baseball players so they can more easily see and track the ball in flight.  The greens were crisper and I felt like I saw more depth into the greens allowing me to be more precise in my play. Unlike many sunglasses the UA Octane’s gave me a more precise view of the greens which allowed my performance to be better due to things not being distorted or misrepresented on the course. The UA Octane glasses are a sporty look with the same durability and strength that Under Armour has always been known for.  The multi-positioning nose pad clicks into place for a customized fit while the Three Point Grip provides a no-slip grip even in the sweatiest of conditions.




At the end of your round in the sun, the idea is to then use the UA Tuned Glimpse recovery glasses to allow your eyes to more easily and comfortably adjust to the inside conditions. The recovery lenses are designed to filter out the harmful blue light and prepare your eyes for the next task at hand.  When going inside and using the recovery glasses I felt like my eyes were able to easily adjust to the change in lighting instead of being “shocked” as they might typically be. These glasses made my eyes feel less exhausted from the outside elements. Where I might normally want to just close my eyes and relax after a long round I didn’t have that typical eye strain that comes from being in the sun all day long.  The Glimpse recovery glasses do not have the sporty look that the Octane has but instead they are a much simpler and clean frame. They too have strength and durability of typical UA frames as well as comfort fitting nose grips and lightweight feel.






While I had never used two pairs of glasses or a “system”  for my time in the sun I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of both.  It might be an adjustment at first to remember to switch your glasses when you’re done and coming inside to the nineteenth as it was for me so I made sure to hang the recovery lenses on my steering wheel to remind me of the switch.  Soon enough it will become a natural habit. I truly felt as if they worked together to keep the stress that the sun’s rays put on your eyes at a much more manageable place. I didn’t feel the strain and exhaustion in my eyes like I normally would and that is a huge part of recovering for the rest of the day as well as the next day.