On Target with The Oakley's New Targetline Eyewear

Oakley has always been known for their ability to successfully mix the most popular on trend appearance with the highest quality materials and function.  The Oakley Targetline Eyewear are no different.

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The Oakley Targetline Eyewear are specifically designed with the athlete in mind.  From the angled frames to the lenses designed specifically after a great deal of color design research.  When spending a day on the golf course it’s important to not only be comfortable in the sunglasses you’re wearing but also know that they are not distorting the colors or changing the way you’re able to see the various elevations in the greens. Oakley has put a great deal of research into their Prizm Lenses so that they control the light transmission and maximize contrast and visibility.  




Even though the technology inside the shades is of utmost importance, Oakley also knows that the exterior look is just as important.  The Targetline sunglasses are shaped to fit comfortably under a hat as well as having raised sidelines so that there’s less risk of glare of shadows coming in during your swing.  With the no slip nose piece molded into frames as one fluid piece you’re sure to be comfortable and keep the glasses on your face.



When I received my Oakley Targetline's I was a bit skeptical at first glance because of the trendy polished white color of the frames.  Not what I would typically gravitate towards with color but I put them on and was immediately comforted by the feel that I am used to with Oakley eyewear products.  Sitting at my computer I noticed that the Prizm Dark Golf lenses were not too dark to see inside comfortably and I was looking forward to getting outside in the sun with them.




I remember the first round outside rocking these to the golf course. I figured my buddies were going to mess with me because I was wearing white sunglasses. Instead I was receiving compliment after compliment. Some from people that I didn't know, a very pleasant surprise for going out of my comfort zone. I would love to share some of the compliments but changing the words on my favorite just wouldn’t be the same. As I wrote that the smile on my face was great !


Couldn’t help but laugh out loud I think you would too. Even better than the compliments is the performance of their Prizm Lenses. I have no idea how they do it but when we got to Hole 5 a Par 3 at Babe Zaharias Golf Course which is the blinding hole because of the sun I could see. Not only was I able to see looking through the lenses; it’s as if I wasn’t even wearing sunglasses. Yes it was that clear. Well done Oakley !!!


I’m glad that I decided to take a chance and review these. The comfort, style, and performance are all there. These are going into my normal rotation of sunglasses. These white Oakley’s match with nearly all my golf gear and they rock.