Quality, style, function and value is what Tifosi Optics has hoped to represent.  Today they are proud to provide technically advanced eyewear to enthusiasts of all sports and outdoor activities.

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Having reviewed eyewear for Tifosi in the past, I was more than pleased to test out the new pair of CRIT Enliven Golf sunglasses.  Tifosi has worked hard to design sunglasses with lenses that are tinted to optimize your game.  



The CRIT sunglasses are made from a material characterized by it’s high alternative bending strength, low density and high resistance to chemical and UV damage.  The lenses even come with ventilation slits that are designed to help you stay cool and remain focused. The real impact of these sunglasses comes from the Enliven Color Enhancing lenses which fine tunes the colors seen and in turn improves your game.  The Enliven lenses enhance the greens, blues and reds that are seen which allows you to see elevation changes and important aspects of your game that are coming from your environment so you can focus solely on making the changes needed to your physical abilities like the swing and shot without the environment being a factor.



      Without Lens                                                 Through Lens


The difference that I experienced with and without these lenses was incredible.  Without the lenses you can see that the fairway, greens and treeline blended in to be a fairly solid green color with little variation or definition.  Through the Enliven lenses the various areas of the course became distinctly different. You could see elevation changes, divots and differences that blended together without.  There is a crispness to everything you see and a clarity that I was surprised to see! Truly impressive! Being able to see variations in the course allowed me to make better club choices, use less shots and in turn made me enjoy my game even more.  Such a simple thing as being able to see the environment around me made such an incredible impact.


(Took Photo through the Enliven Lens)

With all the technical claims that Tifosi Optics makes the key point is that not only do these glasses look and feel good they truly do what they say.  It is very common for golfers to wear their sunglasses onto the course but move them out of the way when they take a shot and with these I did not do that! I loved the way the Enliven Golf sunglasses fit my face, They look cool and trendy as well as making an impact in my game with their performance qualities.