Callaway Weather Series Apparel

Callaway has one single aim- to deliver the best performing products the game has ever known. If you have a passion for the game then you should have the confidence to go out and experience all that you can.  You can’t control the weather but with the Callaway Weather Series there’s absolutely no stopping you from playing! 

Nike Ambassador 10


Living in Florida, I am definitely aware of the impact the weather can have on your game. From the extreme dew when you begin an early morning round, to the oppressive heat you feel midday and the pop-up “shower” that rolls in every afternoon my gear has to be able to handle whatever the elements bring.  



At first glance the new Callaway Swing Tech Printed Gingham Polo and Oxford Shorts looked great but they have to have more than good looks to make me happy! As I headed to Indiana to participate in an event at French Lick Golf Resorts this would be the perfect place to test out the new threads.


As I got dressed for my morning round of golf on Tuesday I knew it was going to be a hot day because the high was projected to be 94 degrees with oppressive humidity! The Swing Tech Printed Gingham Polo is made with a stretch jersey fabric that allows you to move freely with every swing and moisture-wicking technology called Opti-Dri helps to keep you cool and dry which is what I need.  The shirt is also designed with a UV Block UPF 50 protection to help keep the sun’s harmful rays off your skin. It has a classic golf fit and was true to size for me. The Oxford Shorts are just as attractive as all the other apparel but at first feel the are a bit snug. This worries me but I’m willing to see how they perform. From the very first tee I noticed that what seemed snug had no problem with full range of motion as the stretch fabric was clearly capable of doing what I needed when it came to performance. The popular oxford shorts are made up of polyester and elastane blend that provides movability as well as the same high quality classic design and appearance as other Callaway products. The texture of the fabric felt different than any other shorts I’d had before but it’s the chevron weave fabric that creates a special 2x2 basket weave affect known to Callaway.  The active waistband stretches with you and keeps your polo shirt tucked in place and is also built with the same UV Block UPF 50 protection. After two days on the course in Indiana I noticed what happens to people who do NOT have moisture wicking fabrics in their clothing and I was very impressed at how my Callaway apparel held up. The only noticeable signs of the heat was when I undressed the waistband was damp… I never even noticed it!



In the end, I spent multiple days in the extreme heat and yet I continued to look and feel good (unlike the others that weren’t wearing the Callaway apparel).