PowerBilt Air Force One DFX N7 Review

Last month I was lucky enough to test the new Air Force One N7 DFX driver for GolfBalled.com. The N7 DFX, which stands for Deep Face Extreme, is "Nitrogen Charged" and has a clubface that is 5 mm deeper than the previous version. So what you get from that combo is a club with a bigger sweet spot, reduced spin and more distance off the face.

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My first impressions right off the bat.. ( or shall I say off the club) is that for me, I had to get use to the 9.5 degree loft which I became accustomed to very quickly. I came from a Taylormade R1 which was set at  3 degree closed and 10.5 degree loft. With the N7I actually improved my game, I tested this club for a good month and tested hard to give accurate feedback. I noticed that I wouldn’t have to change anything on this club even if there was an option to. I figured the nitrogen filled head wouldn’t make much of a difference but when you notice how clean and smooth of a hit with no resistance or resonation through the shaft, you know this is a quality club.  I was getting more consistent straighter and longer drives, I'd like to say a good 15 yards longer than my Taylormade you start to wonder how... Needless to say Powerbilt N7 is now the go-to driver in my bag.

Thanks to PowerBilt and GolfBalled.com for this great opportunity!

From PowerBilt

"We reduced the nitrogen pressure to 80 pounds, for better impact feel," says Ross Kvinge, President of PowerBilt. "This new amount of nitrogen generates a tremendous trampoline effect for increased ball speed. In fact, now the trampoline effect is up to the USGA maximum limit. Shot dispersion tightest ever in our drivers. And by adding 6 grams low and forward in the clubhead, we moved the CG lower and more forward than in any other Air Force One driver. We did this to appease our clubfitters who requested a better smash factor. I can confidently say that this is the most solid driver we have ever produced."

PowerBilt's patented Nitrogen N7 "Nitrogen Charged" technology makes its debut in the Air Force One DFX driver, as well; it's a newly patented method to reinforce the clubface without adding any weight. That means every golfer can benefit from maximum C.O.R., maximum C.T., maximum trampoline effect, and maximum smash factor for incredible distance


• Forged Titanium Body
• Titanium Cup Face Technology
• Available in High MOI and Tour Series
• Aerodynamic Head Shape
• Deep Face Profile
• Nitrogen Powered Technology
• Nitrogen Pressurized Club Heads
• Protective Head Cover

For more information on PowerBilt and all its products, visit www.powerbilt.com