Taylormade RBZ Stage2 Driver


Last years RBZ won our Club Wars for longest distance across the board for testers. It wasnt very impressive to me, even with that accomplishment. The driver just didnt work for me. The feel, the shallow face, the sound, and I the control wasnt for me. When the new Taylormade RBZ Stage 2 drivers came in for review, I thought it would be a lot like last years but with a new paint job. I was wrong, this driver was deep and fairway finding for me right away. I was a believer and now behind Taylormades work, since most TM drivers never really fit my game/swing.

Quick look at my averages for the Taylormade RBZ Stage 2 Driver on our FlightScope Launch Monitor.

Carry Yards Total Yards Club Head Speed Spin Smash Factor
245.5 304.6 107.0 1909 1.49

This years RBZ gives distance, control with a deeper face, and a feeling not as..."mushy".  A huge chip on peoples shoulders is the Stage 2's crown graphics. I was in the same boat and thought I'd feel like a goob swinging the club and people seeing me. But quickly enjoyed them as an alignment aid, which they were intended for and now I really like it! The Stage 2 outperformed my numbers for last year and surpassed my 2013 Club Wars averages to be in the top list, if not on top. My longest drives in Club Wars was a tie between the RBZ Stage 2 and the Ping G25 at 315 Yards, but personally, the Stage 2 has been a much better driver.

The low spin is a big improvement from last years RBZ, My guess is from the slightly better torque ratings in the new RocketFuel shafts. I am getting great spin and roll out numbers with the Stage 2, and with the low spin, shaping shots is pretty predictable and stay in play(and deep). The setup is still 46 inches, and I'm not a fan of longer shafted drivers, but I was really able to work my swing comfortably with the Stage 2, which has been a problem with other longer drivers this year. Which all this also might be the reason for the 1-2MPH's gained in my swing speed on average. Which also got my ball speeds up pretty dang high for me, at 160MPH! This thing is hot and around 6MPH faster ball speeds than my average.

Compared to the Stage 2 tour, I was hitting the non-tour RBZ better, which was a surprise. But the Tour felt a little too rigid for my liking, the Tour felt more like a blend between the Stage 2 and the R1, not a bad place to be, but its all a preference thing. The tour has a heavier and shorter shaft, which gives it that rigid feel. The non-tour Stage 2 has a little more "give" and feed back on hits, which I liked.

All-in-all, the RBZ Stage 2 is in a battle for the bag. It is deep and really worked well for me. It's in my Top 3 picks for 2013, And could easily be number 1. Great driver and really impressed, specially compared to last years RBZ.

P.S the headcover is awesome.