Tour Edge XCG5 Driver Review




  • - Features an all-new Beta titanium crown for advanced performance and sound
  • - Six-point perimeter weighting system features six weight pads that position weight perfectly in the club head
  • - 12% larger face features Boomerang face technology that launches the ball at impact
  • - Available in three industry-leading shaft models: Graphite Design Tour AD, Fujikura Blur and Aldila RIP

 Price: $329.99


With a classic look at address, this driver is anything but classic. Ultra-Lite and screaming fast, this is surely a driver of the times. Tour Edges new unique "Combo-brazing" tech really adds the sound, feel, and distance we all are looking for.

Looks to kill, and distance to match, You have an assassin of a driver at your hands ready to snipe out those targets in the fairways.

Tour Edge puts a stamp on these drivers saying "Guaranteed longer", so, we put that to the test.

On a Launch monitor and real world testing the Tour Edge XCG5 was on average 10 yards longer than Callaway's top line of 2011 drivers, Taylormade's top 2011 line, Nike's 2011 Line, and the list can go on.

Not only did it out-perform on raw distance, but ball spin was reduced on average of %15 less sidepsin, which helped some testers with their slice.

Looks: The white/red contrast on a chrome under-body really looks great at first sight, and keeps looking great every single day after. A standard black crown, with a cool "X" graphic as the center mark. Huge sweet spot, which will give you confidence every time you hit the tee box.

Distance: True grade A distance gains across the board for all testers. Every golfer knows that even a 4 yard gain is a huge gain, but some were getting upto 20-25 yard gains. Every gain counts out there, and this driver definitely pulls it's own weight. Slight miss-hits still give average to respectable distance.

Feel/Sound: Smooth as butter. The balance seems to be just perfect on every aspect of this club. The six-point weighing system really shines here in the feel category. With a sound to match that extra distance, crushing!

Control: Controlling this driver was a snap. With the reduced ball spin we were able to be comfortable at the tee box, but also shape shots as needed at will.

Bottom-Line: Tour Edge is a brand that most players seem to over-look. I never knew why, I always thought they brought quality innovation to the table year after year. And this XCG5 really reinforced my stand on Tour Edge. Great products that give true gains and true fun to the game. This driver is probably one of the best drivers any of us have bagged, Most testers would tell us "you almost didnt get this club back", and they were serious. This driver is no joke and worth the buy. With not much to lose, but everything to gain, you need to give this one a chance.

GolfBalled Rating: 9.5/10 - Great great product!

What our members say about the XCG5 Driver

By: Taylor Ryan

Well for the past few weeks I have had the lucky opportunity of testing the Tour Edge Exotics XCG5 Driver with the RIP X-Stiff Shaft for Golfballed and Tour Edge. Testing is always something I have taken very seriously and this was absolutely no exception! I put this thing through rigorous testing and it was well worth it. All in all I have probably hit 500 balls with this thing.

- 4 times on the launch monitor

- 5 times at the driving range

- 99 holes of golf in which I used the driver on 66 of the holes?

My Review:

Looks: A This driver is a great looking piece of art. The white accents with the red and black is gorgeous. The head has a very traditional shape and isn’t distracting at address. The 460CC head looks much smaller and the face is in a neutral position which I much prefer to a closed face.

Shaft: B  I only give the shaft a B because it really isn’t the right shaft for me. I traditionally swing a stiff shaft and one that has a higher launch angle. It performed pretty well for me, but with a different shaft I believe I will be able to get better distance and dispersion.

Forgiveness: A- The forgiveness of this driver is about on par with anything I have ever hit. It launches a bit low, but it launches straight. I have found that I have been on target almost all the time and I have hit 74% of my fairways with this thing, which is pretty darn good for me.

Distance: A- This thing is stupid long. I am average around 287 yards of carry distance which is really good for me, about 9 yards longer than my average with the Cleveland SL290. I love hitting this thing and everytime I bring it out I am confident I will pound a nice baby draw down the fairway.

Overall Impression: A-  give this thing an A- overall. I absolutely love the Tour Edge XCG5. For people who haven’t considered Tour Edge before I recommend you try it out. It is an unbelievable weapon and Tour Edge has done such a great job with this technology.

Launch Monitor Average (5 trips)

Ball Speed

Launch Angle


Carry Distance

Total Distance

Avg. Off Target

154.1 MPH

12.5 Degrees

2742.3 RPMS

276 Yards

283.64 Yards

8.112 Yards