Tour Edge Exotics EX9 Tour Adjustable Driver

I think everyone is looking to add an EDGE (wink wink) to their golf game. Personally I was looking, wanting and needing to add some distance off the Tee.  Question is, would the Exotics EX9 Tour Adjustable Driver give me that EDGE and extra distance I want.



The EX9 Tour Driver is available in 9 and 10-degree lofts, with the new hosel you are now able to adjust driver to 8 different settings to change your launch. With this versatility you are able to explore and find your perfect setting to get the most yardage possible. The list of stock shafts available runs about 14 deep; in my opinion your shaft choice is a big deal. It’s like the engine in your car, so choose your shaft wisely. 

I went with EX9 Tour 10* Driver shafted with a MITSUBISHI DIAMANA M+ 60 R 55g. I wanted a mid to high launch and this was the best choice for me. To dial in and get better acquainted with the EX9 I went to the range several times. After several buckets and playing with the settings I settled in at N. Yes, N as in the neutral setting. Next, was few practice rounds to make sure it was set correct and I was able to change my ball flight when needed.  With the practice rounds there were no worries about scores, and if I wanted to hit another off the tee, I did. It was relaxed with no performance stress of battling against my buddies. The day had come to start playing my EX9 Tour Driver.  I played over 10 rounds before even beginning this review.


One thing that stood out from the very first ball I hit back on the range was sound. It wasn’t annoying, it was just solid.  That maybe due to the 6A4V titanium construction and new Hexagonal variable faces thickness technology.  They talk about on their web site how this technology gives a superior launch speed on different spots of the face. Is it true though? I have to say - YES! Absolutely positively yes! I gained carry distance and roll. Now carry distance is great but my ball has never rolled out the way it has with the EX9 Tour Driver.  Now while Tour Edge doesn’t try to sell "get 10 plus yards longer", I did gain over 10 yards since putting the EX9 into play. Even better I am hitting more fairways. Who wants longer into the rough or trees, not me!

With the Tour Edge Exotics EX9 Tour Adjustable Driver giving me longer distance and control it has earned a spot in the bag. Even better blowing my drives past my buddies gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction.

If you are looking for your edge why not check out Tour Edge here: . You can find out more on The Tour Edge Exotics EX9 Tour Adjustable Driver as well as the rest of their full lineup of golf products.