Cobra KING LTD Driver Review

With certain limitations in club building set by the USGA and R&A, OEMs have found new ways of separating themselves from one another not only by their marketing and branding but by the materials used and how they are used. Using lighter materials helps the engineers move the weight around to help make the club more forgiving, longer and to manipulate spin and launch. This year, Cobra Golf took things a bit further. Literally. Through Cobra's partnership with the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), they were able to conduct research on the International Space Station, allowing them to create the most technologically advanced golf products in the world. Yeah, there is Space In It!







A multi-purpose, 16g weight that strategically positions weight to create extremely low CG with high MOI - the perfect combination of distance and forgiveness. The SpacePort also works as a window to view the sophisticated internal COBRA technology.



Most Drivers in the marketplace today have a Center of Gravity that is positioned above the neutral Axis line. KING LTD is our first driver to ever get it to the neutral line (Zero CG), and deliver a more efficient transfer of energy at impact without sacrificing forgiveness.


Crown Fit for a King

We made a lighter, stronger crown that reduces the weight so it can be redistributed to the correct areas of the club head. This delivers better mass properties, thus longer, straighter shots every time.


Faster. Lighter.

TeXtreme® Carbon Fiber yields a lighter crown (20% lighter than regular Carbon Fiber) allowing for more weight to be repositioned. By lowering additional weight deeper in the club head, this design helps to deliver extreme distance and greater forgiveness.


Face Technology

We pushed the boundaries of technological advancement to create a larger 'sweetzone' that spans across the entire face.




So, all that technology sounds great on paper but the big question is how did it perform for me? We believe that numbers don't lie so we are happy to have FlightScope as our official golf launch monitor for all our testing purposes. My only concerns coming into this review was the mid kicking shaft option and theory of creating more distance with a higher launching trajectory. Even with MyFly set to 9* I was averaging close to a 14* launch which for me is a bit high. Although side spin was about 1000 rpm higher than the M1 (felt it was the shaft), the KING LTD boasted the highest Smash Factor ranking (1.49) of any driver I tested this year. What does that mean? Ball speed divided by club speed. Smash Factor relates to the amount of energy transferred from the club head to the golf ball. The higher the smash factor the better the energy transfer. Maybe there is something to the Zero CG design of the KING LTD!



I have no doubt that with a high kicking / low torque shaft that the KING LTD would be at another level for my swing. You can't miss off the face and like I said, this driver is very efficient at transferring energy from the club to the golf ball. One thing I should touch on is the 16 gram SpacePort weight. Yes, it's very cool to see through to the inside of the club and it serves a purpose. BUT, it comes loose after a round of golf or after hitting golf balls on the range. It is a little annoying having to worry about it flying off. Something Rickie mentioned to the engineers and something I talked to them about as well. The only fix for it now is to keep it tight. This is Cobra's flagship driver and the one in Rickie's bag. I've enjoyed hitting it and numbers don't lie. The ball flies off the face. For more information, visit