Nike VR_S Covert Fairway Review

For 2013 Nike had a radical idea, Cavity backs. They thought how essential a cavity back is for performance in irons and that's when that Nike light bulb went off. Who is crazy enough to put a cavity back in fairways, hybrids, and even drivers? The same people with the R&D that can make it work.  Nike is a melting pot for ideas and innovations, for them to not do something like this would be .... well a letdown. They are Nike, you expect innovation and game changing technology.

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Nike VRS 21* 3 hybrid review

For me, this club is less an iron replacement hybrid and more in line with being a 4 or 5 wood. It is long, really long, but that distance comes from a club that is really easy to hit from just about any lie. Shots from the first cut of rough are a piece of cake with this hybrid and I still managed 235-245 yards in distance without the club "grabbing" in the rough like a 5 wood would tend to do. Initially I thought that this club just didn't fit into my bag because of it's enormous distance, but I countered that by buying a 13 degree 3-wood and a likely upcoming purchase of a 25 or 26 degree hybrid. This hybrid, along with a 13 degree 3-wood that is easy to hit off the deck, have made reaching par 5's in two almost automatic. If I could putt, I'd be at least 4-under on the par 5's alone, but that is a different topic... You can buy this club on-line right now (Nov.2012) for under a hundred bucks, if you are looking for a hybrid that hits like a rocket, you should stop reading this review and go and buy one right now.

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Nike VRS 3 Wood Review

Hold on a second, Nike…..what did you just do?  Have you made everyone that scoffed at the idea of a successful line of Nike golf clubs change their tune faster than Weight Watchers client at an Oreo factory?

Yes, that’s right.  Nike has come out with a line of clubs that seem to add a new dimension of credibility to the brand.  The VR_S products have transcended the golfing community.

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Nike VR Pro LE Fairways

Finding the perfect fairway wood to help improve your game and build confidence in your game is no easy task. For me adjustability is not important. What is important is feel and performance and with Nike's VR Pro Limited, I have what I was looking for in a fairway wood.

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