Nike VR_S Covert Fairway Review


Nike VR_S Covert Fairway Review

For 2013 Nike had a radical idea, Cavity backs. They thought how essential a cavity back is for performance in irons and that's when that Nike light bulb went off. Who is crazy enough to put a cavity back in fairways, hybrids, and even drivers? The same people with the R&D that can make it work.  Nike is a melting pot for ideas and innovations, for them to not do something like this would be .... well a letdown. They are Nike, you expect innovation and game changing technology.

Cavity backs are the power and the brain behind irons and the new VR_S Covert line. A cavity creates more perimeter weighing to reduce spin and create more MOI that, sir, is fact.

Most fairways lately are made for steeper swingers and those that hit the ball higher on the face, for me, a sweeper swinger, these don't always do well. I need something with a shallow face for a sweeper swing but deep enough to get some different shots. The Vr_S line of fairways has been a favorite of mine for they suit me very well. I bagged last years VR_S fairway and hybrid due to the best performance for my swing. This year is no different, the new VR_S Covert Performance Fairway wood is just hands down the best performing fairway for my swing.

Whats new:

Other than the obvious difference from last year, they updated with better shafts and grips. The new Kuro Kage Shafts create great launch and spin control compared to last years fujikaras. And Nike heard all the golf reviewers woe's about their stock tour velvet grips and updated them! The new grips are another huge improvement over last years. The Covert Performance fairways and hybrids are fixed necks while the Covert Tour woods and hybrids are fully adjustable.


The distance is effortless and smooth. I don't think it is the longest set of fairways for me, but it is well above average. Off the tee or from the fairway the sole design offers little to no obstruction or twisting.


The new shaft really offers a nice feel with easy shot control. It goes where you point. Simple as that.


The cavity back offers a nice sound. It has that tingy sound but also sounds very solid. It is really nice and you know when you hit this thing on the screws, the sound is great.


Like I said, it isn't the longest but, the control and other aspects of it make the VR_S Covert Performance Fairway such a great fit for me. The head weight is just right and with more face weight, it works out great to have a solid feel at impact. It is a major redesign from last years VR_S fairways and a better shaft. Out of all the fairways I tested so far this is my bagger. If you have a sweeper swing and having trouble finding the right fairway, this one should be a demo day must try. People with steeper swings might balloon these a little too much to get optimal distance. Some folks might not like the red crown and white swoosh logo but I like it! Tiger even added the 5w to his bag, and when was the last time he updated his equipment?