Bombtech Golf Fairway Wood Review

So lets get this out of the way first, Bombtech makes high quality, great performing products. They emphasize this point on their website, even to the point of using a high quality paint so the club looks good for an extended point of time. These are not cheapy clones or infomercial clubs. Bombtech enlisted the help of Engineering students from the University of Vermont to create a shape the didn't infringe on any other patents but cut through the air and transferred as large amount of energy to the ball as possible. They result is a club of high quality materials and manufacturing processes just like the " Big Boys".

Nike Air Penny 3

Bombtech says that they paid attention to the details and I believe them. The paint is nice and they are no visable flaws is the casting or plasma welded face to the titanium body.

Looks: Very pleasing to the eye, except for the orange grip.  Ok seriously it's a good looking club, pictures on the internet don't do it justice. Looking down on it the green shaft is bright but not distracting and the flat black, teardrop head looks smaller than it is, frames a ball nicely and gives confidence to strike the ball well. I would have chosen a different colored grip, black, black/white or even a black/green combo would have looked much better.

Feel: Club feels solid when holding it. Everyone has held a poorly made golf club before which displays cheap manufacturing BUT this club displays none of that.  On flush hits it's money, just sweet! On slight miss hits there is a nice little bit of feedback, nothing harsh but just enough to let you know you didn't quite get it. I found it very informative because looking at the ball flight and distance you really couldn't tell you missed except for the feedback through the club.  The Pure Grip is also very tacky and comfortable when you hold it. 

Performance: The ball comes off the face fast, straight and high. Mishits perform within 85/90% of flush hits and the ability to hit it out of many lies is easy.  I would have to say that I was considerably impressed and would recommend Bombtech to all golfers. In fact I like the Matrix proprietary shaft so much I am going to purchase one to replace the Matrix shaft that broke in my Wilson D100 driver. Like with any club it doesn't fit everyone but if you get a chance to hit one don't dismiss it because it doesn't have a brand name on it.

Impressions of playing first 2 rounds with it:
1. Easy, Easy, Easy to hit off the fairway.
2. Straight
3. Fairly LONG

Ok I ave about 240 with my driver on solid hits. Every once in a while I'll get it out over 250 but 240 is about right. My 3 wood is about 225 off the deck and 230 off the tee. At about 220 off the fairway,The Bombtech 5 Wood was so much easier to hit long and solid repeatedly and displayed a slightly higher ball flight. Right now I will use the driver off the tee when there's enough room to hit my fade with it, the 3 wood off the tee when I absolutely have to hit a fairway and the Bombtech off the fairway for everything else. Of the 2 par 5's I play on my course I can only reach one on 2 sometimes. The long one plays 540 with a big tree in the dogleg so I can't really cut the corner. The shorter one plays between 460-490 and on Thursday I reached it 2 out of 4 times. Once on the green, once just to the right pin high. The other 2 I was short about 20 yards because of 2 slightly shorter drives (the wind change got me ).