Cleveland Launcher HB Hybrid Review


Cleveland Launcher HB Hybrid Review


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 No matter the skill of the player, Cleveland Golf wants to fit each golfer into the clubs that fit their current game and will improve their scores every time they hit the course. Cleveland considers The Launcher HB Hybrid to be the next level in club forgiveness, but how will it perform when I put it into play?





The new HiBore has a sleek feel that gives a clean and sexy look to the club but will looks be enough? The fine silver line added to the club also adds visual appeal without being distracting. 



Although a hybrid has a tendency to feel a little heavy due to the overall increased size the head on this club doesn’t feel as if there’s any additional weight to slow your swing speed down. I actually believe it helps pick up your speed. On my off hits I was able to feel it at impact.




The new HiBore Crown technology has moved the center of gravity deeper into the hosel with the hope of making the ball launch higher, farther and straighter. Did it perform for me the way Cleveland hopes it would? 





During my numerous rounds with this new club I have found that I was able to receive a much higher ball launch, overall greater distance, more ball rollout, and in general much more forgiveness in my game.  It truly feels as if the ball is exploding off the face when hit on the sweet spot of the club. I had been looking to add another club to my bag to fill the distance gap of 190-200 yards. I have found that club, because it successfully got the job done. Welcome to my bag.


 Cleveland Launcher HB Hybrid