Tommy Armour Atomic Clubs


On Friday, March 15, the latest club lineup from Tommy Armour called Atomic hit exclusively at DICK'S Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy stores nationwide. We were fortunate enough to get the Tommy Armour ATOMIC Fairway Wood and Hybrids in for review.

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The new ATOMIC Fairway wood and Hybrids feature the patented process of combining the Titanium cup face which is 25% stronger than steel with the body to produce faster ball speeds, optimal weight distribution and increased distance.  Both new lines have a 360 degree aerodynamics for improved club head efficiency. Head to head with the original Tommy Armour TA1 the new ATOMIC shows gains in distance and forgiveness, faster ball speed and better placement.



Both the Fairway Wood and the Hybrid are equipped with the same Project X Even Flow Max Carry shaft; the fairway is a 66 gram max carry while the hybrid is a 75 gram max carry.  Both clubs are a mid-launch clubs and have the standard Lamkin Crossfire grips. While the options were “limited” and it seemed so simple I still resisted the urge to judge in advance but was still slightly skeptical about how they would actually perform.




With the Tommy Armour ATOMIC 3 wood which I have had the opportunity to use, I saw increased ball speed and distance from the first shot.  Traditionally, I am not a fan of a typical 3 Wood because it is a club I am not good at using. With this club I was able to get 200 plus yards in distance immediately and that is unlikely for me to be able to achieve.  The carry distance for the ATOMIC 3 Wood has absolutely blown my mind because of the fact that it has added an extra club to my bag that I can be successful with.





Much like the 3 Wood, I am not traditionally a fan of a hybrid, again because it’s not a club that I am strong with. The Tommy Armour ATOMIC hybrid was so light weight that I was initially concerned but as soon as I swung the club and made contact I knew it was going to become a favorite as well.  The ability to have another club in my bag to bridge some of the distance gaps has helped me become more accurate and reduce extra strokes.




In the end, I was pleasantly surprised by the new Tommy Armour ATOMIC line and they have now become standard clubs permanently placed in my golf bag! They have turned some of my least favorite clubs into go-to clubs. Where I was accustomed to laying up because of not having a club to carry certain distances I am now shooting for the green with a new found  confidence unlike before.