Nike VR_S Covert Fairway Review

For 2013 Nike had a radical idea, Cavity backs. They thought how essential a cavity back is for performance in irons and that's when that Nike light bulb went off. Who is crazy enough to put a cavity back in fairways, hybrids, and even drivers? The same people with the R&D that can make it work.  Nike is a melting pot for ideas and innovations, for them to not do something like this would be .... well a letdown. They are Nike, you expect innovation and game changing technology.

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Callaway RAZR X Black FW

Callaway got it right with this line of Fairway Woods!  We were fortunate to get a firsthand look and test of the RAZR X Black 3 and 5 woods.  The 3 Wood has 15* of loft with a lie of 55*.  The 5 Wood has 19* of loft with a lie of 56*.   Callaway is one of few manufacturers that also offer the RAZR X Black fairway woods in a 4 wood, 7 wood, and a 24* 9 wood.

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Nike VRS 21* 3 hybrid review

For me, this club is less an iron replacement hybrid and more in line with being a 4 or 5 wood. It is long, really long, but that distance comes from a club that is really easy to hit from just about any lie. Shots from the first cut of rough are a piece of cake with this hybrid and I still managed 235-245 yards in distance without the club "grabbing" in the rough like a 5 wood would tend to do. Initially I thought that this club just didn't fit into my bag because of it's enormous distance, but I countered that by buying a 13 degree 3-wood and a likely upcoming purchase of a 25 or 26 degree hybrid. This hybrid, along with a 13 degree 3-wood that is easy to hit off the deck, have made reaching par 5's in two almost automatic. If I could putt, I'd be at least 4-under on the par 5's alone, but that is a different topic... You can buy this club on-line right now (Nov.2012) for under a hundred bucks, if you are looking for a hybrid that hits like a rocket, you should stop reading this review and go and buy one right now.

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Nike VRS 3 Wood Review

Hold on a second, Nike…..what did you just do?  Have you made everyone that scoffed at the idea of a successful line of Nike golf clubs change their tune faster than Weight Watchers client at an Oreo factory?

Yes, that’s right.  Nike has come out with a line of clubs that seem to add a new dimension of credibility to the brand.  The VR_S products have transcended the golfing community.

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