WilsonStaff Duo / Duo Spin Golf Ball Review

In recent years, there’s been a move towards softer golf balls.  Is it a matter of the cover material, the inner core, outer mantel, the overall compression of the golf ball?  The simple answer is…yes.  Different companies utilize varying degrees of these characteristics to achieve the same thing.  But is a lower compression ball for you?  If so, which one?!?  I took a look at the newest additions from Wilson Staff, the Wilson Duo and Duo Spin balls.

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LostGolfBalls.com Review

LostGolfBalls.com Review

I know most of us have lost a golf ball or two. Okay who am I kidding; I’ve lost dozens since I have been golfing. Ever wonder what happens to all those lost golf balls? Well now I do…..


During the PGA Show I was introduced to the folks at LostGolfBalls. We chatted for awhile and shared stories of how our lost golf balls get found. One story we talked about was the diver for golf balls versus the alligator here in Florida. Yeah I give those guys a lot of credit for doing that job, I won’t even fish for my ball if I see an alligator anywhere in the pond. Anyway they were kind enough to send me a dozen of the golf balls I currently use for this review.

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Titleist Velocity Golf Ball Review

Most average golfers out there are seeking more distance, which may lead them to the Titleist Velocity golf ball. They pickup every distance ball they can find, but then soon realize they aren't the best feeling balls to play with the irons. You usually have a choice between distance or feel, when you shop around for something that's not a tour ball. But the Velocity offers a distance ball with a not so rock-hard feeling.

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3 Up 3F12 Golf Ball Review

Quite some time ago, I found a company on Twitter that was just breaking into the golf industry. This is a tough field to jump into these days, especially when the product at hand is a golf ball. There are so many quality golf balls on the market today, and most of them come from the brands we all know and trust. So how can a startup company produce anything close to what these big dogs produce? Will the performance be there?

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Volvik Vista Golf Ball Review

Up for review are the Volvik Vista iv and Volvik Crystal. I first noticed Volvik Golf Balls while I was at Volvik’s Race for the Card Tour event for the ladies. Watching the ladies crush these colored balls down the fairway was very impressive.  Then I received my Volvik Golf ball from Maurice Allen. Maurice set the Guinness world record for driver ball speed at 211 MPH. The ball has a caricature of Maurice on it.

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