Snell Golf Ball Review - MTB Red & MTB Black

Snell Golf burst onto the golf scene in March, 2015. Owner, Dean Snell, founded his company on an underlying principle to provide “Tour caliber equipment to the amateur golfer at an affordable price”. His introductory performance ball “My Tour Ball” or MTB, offered great feel, spin and distance at a price far lower than the competition, quickly becoming a direct-to-consumer sensation. One of the best factors that has led to Snell’s success, is personal interaction from Mr. Snell. He listened and incorporated feedback from his customers to introduce two new models this year – MTB Black and MTB Red.

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Srixon Z star and XV Review

Srixon Z star and XV Review

I have played with the Srixon Z Star since 2010 and the Srixon XV since the end of 2012/beginning of 2013. This year has been the most noticeable adjustment since they introduced the XV series. First of the newest innovations to the ball is the Energetic Gradient Growth or EGG Core Technology. For the Z star it provides a lower compression, from 90 to 88 compression rate, giving players of a swing speed from 90-104 the feeling of a softer ball without compromising distance.

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OnCore ELIXR Golf Ball Review

OnCore ELIXR Golf Ball Review

In the past decade, there has been an explosion of craft beers in the marketplace.  It seems there’s a new microbrew popping up every couple of months these days.  Golf is following suit with a revolution of smaller companies delivering performance, tour-worthy golf balls.  In recent years, the explosion of Snell Golf on to the market, then the highly publicized Kirkland Tour Balls and the names go on and on.

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WilsonStaff Duo / Duo Spin Golf Ball Review

In recent years, there’s been a move towards softer golf balls.  Is it a matter of the cover material, the inner core, outer mantel, the overall compression of the golf ball?  The simple answer is…yes.  Different companies utilize varying degrees of these characteristics to achieve the same thing.  But is a lower compression ball for you?  If so, which one?!?  I took a look at the newest additions from Wilson Staff, the Wilson Duo and Duo Spin balls.

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I know most of us have lost a golf ball or two. Okay who am I kidding; I’ve lost dozens since I have been golfing. Ever wonder what happens to all those lost golf balls? Well now I do…..


During the PGA Show I was introduced to the folks at LostGolfBalls. We chatted for awhile and shared stories of how our lost golf balls get found. One story we talked about was the diver for golf balls versus the alligator here in Florida. Yeah I give those guys a lot of credit for doing that job, I won’t even fish for my ball if I see an alligator anywhere in the pond. Anyway they were kind enough to send me a dozen of the golf balls I currently use for this review.

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