Callaway Hex Hot Pro Golf Ball Review

So it's the dawn of a new day for golf balls in 2013. And the Callaway Hex Hot Pro Golf Ball is seizing the day. Before you had a choice between distance or feel, control or distance, soft or hard, deep or ... fluffy. This year Mid-range balls have been trying to capture all these areas in a well priced package. Some fail at it, others excel. A lot of factors on what is good with these "all around" golf balls is purely preference. My review of the Callaway Hex Hot Pro will talk about what it does, what it cant do, and my preferences.

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Callaway HEX Black Tour Golf Ball Review

With the release and success of HEX Black right away with Phil Mickelson's win earlier this year Callaway's new line of golf balls have received a lot of fanfare. Late last season I became a convert to Callaway golf balls. Previously, I had never touched a Callaway ball and for the most part I considered all things Callaway the root of all evil. Well… things change and people change. Suddenly with word filtering out all over the internet about a new release of Callaway balls I was  one of the many golfers waiting for the release of the HEX Black Tour and HEX Chrome. There was a lot said regarding the balls and I was intrigued.

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Callaway HX Diablo Tour

HX Diablo Tour golf balls offer an exemplary combination of distance of the tee and pinpoint control on approach shots. Our Power Reaction Core is firmer on the outer edges and gradually gets softer on the inside, creating less spin off of driver shots and more spin when using shorter irons. The thin Ionomer cover increases spin even more around the greens for aggressive shot-making and improved short game control. HX Diablo Tour combines all the best elements of the HX Bite for spin and the HX Hot Plus for long distance in one 3-piece performance ball.

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