Titleist Velocity Golf Ball Review

Most average golfers out there are seeking more distance, which may lead them to the Titleist Velocity golf ball. They pickup every distance ball they can find, but then soon realize they aren't the best feeling balls to play with the irons. You usually have a choice between distance or feel, when you shop around for something that's not a tour ball. But the Velocity offers a distance ball with a not so rock-hard feeling.

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2013 Titleist ProV1 Review

For the most part, I haven't been much of a ProV1 kind of guy.  Then we got the new ProV1 balls in. I forced myself not to read their marketing, fall prey to someones cryptic keywords to try and influence me. No, I just wanted to play the ball against last years ProV1. I just wanted to play, period. With the season starting up, and everyone putting out new golf balls, I've been playing the best of them lately. And I was very surprised, pleasantly surprised.

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Titleist DT Solo Review

The DT® SoLo golf ball is designed for a broad range of golfers seeking the combination of long distance, exceptional feel, responsive short game control and cut-proof cover durability.

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Titleist Pro-V1 Review

The new Pro V1 provides the exceptional distance and durability golfers have counted on, and now also delivers increased spin control and a more consistent flight. This advanced performance results from a new innovative ZG process core technology, responsive ionomeric casing layer, Urethane Elastomer cover and spherically tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple design. And with 3 axes of symmetry, our new aerodynamics deliver a penetrating ball flight that holds its line in the wind.

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