LostGolfBalls.com Review

I know most of us have lost a golf ball or two. Okay who am I kidding; I’ve lost dozens since I have been golfing. Ever wonder what happens to all those lost golf balls? Well now I do…..


During the PGA Show I was introduced to the folks at LostGolfBalls. We chatted for awhile and shared stories of how our lost golf balls get found. One story we talked about was the diver for golf balls versus the alligator here in Florida. Yeah I give those guys a lot of credit for doing that job, I won’t even fish for my ball if I see an alligator anywhere in the pond. Anyway they were kind enough to send me a dozen of the golf balls I currently use for this review.


Let’s get to know LostGolfBalls a bit. They have been serving golfers for over 20 years. They recycle golf balls from golf courses all over the country, and then process those balls before sending them out for sale at about half the price of new balls.

When I received my AAAAA/1st Quality Bridgestone TOUR B330 golf balls, I was surprised. These balls looked like they were brand new and never hit. The only thing noticeable was that some had different logo’s on them. Oh yeah one had a putting line that looked like I had just put it on myself.

Will a used Golf Ball work just as well as a new ball? That's the point of this review. After playing not one but 4 rounds with the same golf ball it’s safe to say YES. With keeping in mind what LostGolfBalls says “Remember, all golf balls are used after just one hit” there was absolutely no difference in the balls I put into play. The performance was the same as if I cracked open a fresh back of balls. Now don’t forget I played the best quality used ball they carry. They have several grades of balls that you can purchase at different price points. So you can save even more if you don’t want near new balls.




                                                     Which is the Used and which is New ?????


For more information or to purchase LostGolfBalls please visit their web site https://www.lostgolfballs.com/?utm_source=msn&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=branded