Srixon Z star and XV Review

I have played with the Srixon Z Star since 2010 and the Srixon XV since the end of 2012/beginning of 2013. This year has been the most noticeable adjustment since they introduced the XV series. First of the newest innovations to the ball is the Energetic Gradient Growth or EGG Core Technology. For the Z star it provides a lower compression, from 90 to 88 compression rate, giving players of a swing speed from 90-104 the feeling of a softer ball without compromising distance.

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The Srixon XV, meant for swingers over 105 MPH, has a DUAL EGG Growth Core giving even better launch conditions for category-leading distance off the tee. The new SpinSkin Coating for both balls has fewer bonding points which lets it stretch further on the face at impact IMPROVING friction and spin when wanted/needed. And the 338 Speed Dimple Pattern is crucial for all the improvements on the ball. The 338 SDP utilizes five different dimple size to improve the relationship between uniformity and occupancy for longer, more efficient flight. To make it simple, they’ve designed these balls softer, effective on spin, better launch angle off the tee box (even on bad shots), better consistency at distance control with every club in the bag. This really hits home to the Srixon mantra of the “Journey To Better”.  


My first use of the new XV golf ball was at an event called MUNI-MADNESS in Indio, CA. The weather was typical these winter months: 25 mph winds and raining. What better way to test a ball and its improvements right?


Well, my ball control was off the chain better compared to the previous XV series. The feel of the ball is hard enough that you can actually feel where exactly off the face yet soft enough that you don’t feel like you have to beat the ball for it to work. Considering my average swing speed with an iron is 90-92, this is big for me to feel it still since most balls for my level are too hard or too soft. The level of spin I had off of my irons around the green had made my jaw drop right away. On one hole in particular i was in the rough, wet lie, with a downhill set up with a green moving right to left and I was still able to get the ball to land, check hard and soft once leaving me an easy 2 inch par putt.  Putting with this ball was significantly different as well. The ball feels as soft as I’ve felt since the 2010 Z star series. Alignment with the ball is a little easier on my eyes as well, where they originally had their line up as <== Srixon XV ==> with open lines and leaving space for me to fill it in they now have gone to a completely filled in line and arrow setting and thats more appealing for my eyes.


The big shot that came on was on a 230 yd par 3 that shoots STRAIGHT into the wind that night. We had pro’s smashing 3 woods and 2 hybrids to reach the green in this wind. I was the only one with a 3 iron in my hand and was being laughed at by my colleagues. As soon as I hit my shot the boys had instantly started to cheer and say how amazing that ball had flown in these conditions. The shot was just BARELY short of the green but off the tee I had felt this was the easiest ball I’ve ever used. Softer where it matters and longer where I need it. Thats huge.


Great job Srixon Golf. Check out their line of Golf Balls HERE