Snell Golf Ball Review - MTB Red & MTB Black

Snell Golf burst onto the golf scene in March, 2015. Owner, Dean Snell, founded his company on an underlying principle to provide “Tour caliber equipment to the amateur golfer at an affordable price”. His introductory performance ball “My Tour Ball” or MTB, offered great feel, spin and distance at a price far lower than the competition, quickly becoming a direct-to-consumer sensation. One of the best factors that has led to Snell’s success, is personal interaction from Mr. Snell. He listened and incorporated feedback from his customers to introduce two new models this year – MTB Black and MTB Red.




My thoughts immediately went to ‘if it ain’t broke, then why fix it’? As an avid user of Snell MTB, I had to know – does newer equate to better?

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MTB Black

The premise behind creation of two new balls is pretty simple – not all golfers are created equal. Each of the new balls have slightly different performance features that allows golfers to determine which ball suits their needs. Both the MTB Black and MTB Red are priced at $31.99 delivered. However, you can bring this price down to $27.33 when you buy 6-dozen in the ‘Value Pack’.

The MTB Black stayed with the urethane covered, 3-piece construction of the original MTB, but some subtle changes have been made. For starters, the feel is softer – the Core has a 7% lower compression rate than its predecessor. The 360 dimple pattern pierces through the air with low lift/low drag for a more controlled flight, producing lower spin rates and longer distances off the driver. The previous spin off the MTB with a driver averaged 3,238 RPM’s. The new MTB Black comes in at just 2,619 RPM’s, validating the claims that it does in fact spin less off the driver.

But the concern of a longer ball is, how does it perform around the greens? The 3-piece urethane cover produces great short game control without sacrificing durability. The MTB Black spins around the green are very comparable to the original MTB. So, more distance off the tee and equal stopping power around the greens. That’s a win-win.



With the introduction of the MTB Red, Snell has produced their first 4-Piece, urethane golf ball. The 338 dimple cover is soft, but has a more solid feel to it than the MTB Black. The core is softer than the original, but the outer mantle feels firmer. Snell produces a technology called “Dual-Feel” that gives the golfer a firmer feel on longer shots and yet a soft feel on short shots. This delivers increased distance over the original AND the most spin off middle irons and wedges of all the Snell balls for premium greenside control. As a special bonus, for those clamoring for a yellow tour-caliber ball from Snell…well, the MTB Red is now available in White or Yellow!

So, how do they play? Taking them out for several rounds – I found the durability to be very good. Greenside control was fantastic, as were iron shots into the green. I had several friends try these balls and they all wanted to know how to get them. Well friends, that’s direct from Mr. Dean Snell’s company, but it’s easy and quick thanks to the modern marvel of the internet. You can find them on

By The Numbers…


Backspin (RPM)

Side-spin (RPM)

Carry / Roll

MTB (91 mph)



199 / 218 yds

MTB Black (92 mph)



203 / 228 yds

MTB Red (92 mph)



203 / 223 yds


Greenside Wedge

Backspin (RPM)

Side-spin (RPM)

Carry / Roll




40 / 2 yds

MTB Black



40 / 2 yds




41 / 1.8 yds



Price – at $31.99 a dozen or $27.33 in a 6-dozen ‘Value Pack’, these balls provide a fantastic value/performance ratio. They perform and at a hell of a price!

Black Technology– The 3-piece urethane cover with a new 7% lower compression and 360 dimple pattern reduces spin and increase distance off the driver, without sacrificing greenside spin.

Red Technology – The 4-piece urethane cover introduces “Dual Feel” technology for firmer feels off the longer clubs, but a softer feel around the greens. Also available in Yellow!

Spin– Both MTB Red and Black balls provide lower spin off the woods and long irons for better control. Yet around the greens, the MTB Red reigns supreme, while the MTB Black is on par with the original MTB ball, which is very impressive!

Distance– Both MTB balls are longer than their predecessor on the simulator. My personal experience on-course was pretty spot-on with the test results. I found the MTB Black to be longer for myself, though admittedly I’m recovering from knee surgery and my swing speed is down about 10mph. My opinion is that the MTB Red is probably better suited for players with higher swing speeds.

Feel – You can feel the difference in the balls off the driver and irons, though as advertised – I couldn’t tell which ball was which, based on feel, around the green and while putting. I definitely put credence to the “Dual Feel” technology introduced with the MTB Red ball.

Durability –The urethane cover for both balls wear well. I was concerned about the MTB Black softer feel might not last as long, but that wasn’t the case at all. Both ball held up very well, having played two rounds with the same ball, with minimal marking on them.

Improvement – Snell has answered the call from their customers – they delivered two different types of balls for differing player preferences. Nothing comes to mind in terms of any changes needed. They have created two premium balls at a fantastic price-point.

Try It / Buy ItThis is easily the biggest no-brainer in golf. This is an absolute ‘Buy It’. If you’re not sure which ball is for you, Snell sells a MTB Trial Pack for $31.99 (shipped) for 6 MTB Black and 6 MTB Red. You can even request the MTB Red in Yellow. Do yourself a favor, try it. For my own game, I currently prefer the MTB Black, though I’d expect that to change as my swing speed comes back as I recover from my injury.

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By P.J. Evans, Tester